IZAR radio in its environment

IZAR radio in its environment IZAR radio in its environment

In a society where progress is non-stop, the use of new wireless technologies are developing constantly. From technical and professional equipment to the objects of everyday life, the users and the public are increasingly exposed to the emission of electromagnetic waves. Within this context and as a designer and manufacturer of meters and automatic meter reading systems, Diehl Metering is committed to studying and controlling the level of exposure of its IZAR radio, in the environment in which it is used.

Remote reading: How does it work?

The smart meters from Diehl Metering have a radio module integrated as standard and thus enable remote reading in mobile mode or via a fixed network. In addition, we enable you to convert non-radio-capable meters into smart meters via an external radio module.

IZAR radio in its environment IZAR radio in its environment

In the spirit of Multi Utility, Diehl Metering enables you to read and combine the consumption of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity via the same infrastructure. Carry out Walk-by mobile readings or Drive-by readings at up to 50km/h. If you need high-resolution data for water, for example on an hourly or daily basis, a wireless Fixed Network from Diehl Metering is the perfect choice for you.

Physical quantities measured

In order to better evaluate the electromagnetic impact of the IZAR radio, the following parameters were examined: 

  • Radiated energy: quantity of energy emitted by the relevant device. This value is expressed in watts per square metre (W/m²).
  • Electromagnetic field: electric field naturally present in the environment, which may also be created by certain devices used in everyday life. Expressed in volts per metre (V/m), this field is related to the radiated energy but also to its frequency and associated wavelength.
  • Daily duration of wave emission: cumulative time during which a device (emitter) generates an emission, while in operation.
  • Distance from the device: distance between the relevant device and the person in his or her usual environ

The IZAR radio in its environment: transmitter power*

  • Intensity of emission and electromagnetic field: what do regulations say?

    The IZAR radio is a CE-certified product, complying with the European requirements for the limits of exposure of the public to electromagnetic radiation (Directive 99/5/EC). The measurements carried out on the IZAR radio demonstrate that the values emitted are much lower than the limits (respectively, 1.15% of the maximum electromagnetic field and 0.01% of the maximum emission intensity). 

    The electromagnetic impact of the IZAR radio is significantly lower than the regulatory values, and may be considered as marginal, compared with the other sources generated by the equipment that surrounds us. Diehl Metering ensures compliance with these standards. The low environmental impact of our products and activities is one of our top priorities.