SHARKY 775 is a ultrasonic compact energy meter designed for measuring the energy consumption in heating and bifunctional (heating/cooling) application, for billing purposes. The measurement principle is static and based on the measurement of the transit time. Ultrasonic technology offers many benefits: no moving parts (prevents wear and tear of the metering components), low pressure loss, large metering dynamics and low start flowrate, insensitiveness to suspended particles...


  • MID approval in class 2 with dynamic range (qi:qp) up to 1:250 (depending on DN), standard 1:100
  • Heat-transfer fluid: water
  • Complete range from DN 15 qp 0.6 m³/h up to DN 100 qp 100 m³/h
  • Low power consumption enabling a long battery lifetime (up to 16 years)
  • Integrated radio option
  • Modular version, M-Bus, M-Bus RS232, M-Bus RS485, Modbus RTU RS485, analog outputs 4-20mA, pulse outputs and inputs
  • Programmable installation side (in option)
  • Improved power consumption ->longer battery lifetime
  • Extensive readable data memory
  • Basic features
    ApplicationHeating - bifunctional (heating/cooling) | Heat-transfer fluid: glycol-free water
    ApprovalMID (DE-10-MI004-PTB013)
    Environmental class (EN 1434)Class C
    Ambient class (MID)Class E2 + M2
    Ambient operating temperature°C+5 ... +55 (<35 °C have a positive lifetime effect)
    Ambient storage temperature°C-25 ... +60 (>35 °C max. 4 weeks)
    Communication3 communication interfaces (e. g. M-Bus or integrated radio + 2 communication modules)
    Integrated RadioOptional
    Frequency band868 or 434 MHz
    Type of radio telegramOpen Metering Standard (OMS), optional individual encryption key
    Transmission data updatingOnline - no time delay between value measurement and data transmission
    Data transmissionUnidirectional
    Sending intervalDepending on length of telegram, usually ~64s
    Test possibilitiesVia display, optical test pulses, test output or via NOWA software
  • Reach

    Information pursuant to Article 33 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006:
    This product series contains components with the following substances in a concentration of more than 0.1% weight by weight (w/w):
    - Lead (CAS no.: 7439-92-1)
    - Lead titanium zirconium oxide (CAS no.: 12626-81-2)

  • Basic features - Calculator
    Protection classIP 54
    Battery supply3.6 VDC A-cell up to 10.5 years lifetime (depending on configuration); 3.6 VDC D-cell up to 16 years lifetime*
    Mains supply24 VAC (50 - 60 Hz); 230 VAC (50 - 60 Hz)
    Temperature sensor typePt 100 or Pt 500 with 2-wire leads; Ø 5.2 / 6 mm or direct sensor
    Cable length of temperature sensorPt 100: 1.9 m; Pt 500: 1.9 / 2.9 / 4.9 / 9.9 m
    Absolute temperature range calculatorΘ°C1 ... 180
    Measuring cycle - flowWith mains supply: ⅛ s; with A-cell battery: 1 s; with D-cell battery: 1 s
    Measuring cycle - temperature sensorTsWith mains supply: 2 s; with A-cell battery: 16 s; with D-cell battery: 4 s
    Starting temperature differenceΔΘK0.125
    Min. temperature differenceΔΘminK3
    Max. temperature differenceΔΘmaxK120 / 175 (heating) | 50 (cooling)
    Interfaces standardOptical ZVEI interface 300 ... 2400 Baud (auto Baud detected)
    Interfaces optional2 Slots for modules with M-Bus, L-Bus, LON works, LoRa, MOD Bus, RS232, RS485, pulse output, pulse input, combined pulse in-/output or analogue output
    Extensive readable data memoryPeriodical log1; 3 history logs; event memory (Flash/E2PROM - non-volatile)
    * Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theoretical life, with no guarantee
    1 Programmable storage interval (daily, weekly, monthly, ...)
  • Basic features - Flow sensor
    Mounting position flow sensorAny position, calming sections not necessary, inlet installation / outlet installation / in field programmable
    Protection class flow sensorHeating: IP 54; heating with cooling tariff: IP 65
    Material of the flow sensor bodyBrass or spheroidal cast iron (only qp 15 up to qp 100 m³/h)
    Temperature range heating°C5 ... 105 / 130 / 150 (depends on meter size and material)
    Temperature range heating/cooling meter°C5 ... 105
  • Display
    Display indicationLCD, 8-digit
    UnitsMWh - kWh - GJ - Gcal - MBtu - gal - GPM - °C - °F - m³ - m³/h
    Total values99,999,999 - 9,999,999.9 - 999,999.99 - 99,999.999 (depending on the nominal diameter)
    Displayed valuesEnergy - Volume - Flow rate - Power - Temperature
  • Interfaces
    OpticalZVEI interface for communication and testing, M-Bus protocol
    M-BusConfigurable telegram, according to EN13757-3, two wires with non polarity, auto baud detect (300 and 2400 baud), one M-Bus load
    Wireless M-BusOpen Metering Standard (OMS), Generation 3 Profile A or Generation 4 Profile B; frequency band 868 or 434 MHz
    L-BusAdapter for external radio module, configurable telegram, according to EN13757-3, data reading and parametrization via 2 wires with polarity reversal protection
    Modbus RTUPolarity independent, Voltage 12 - 24 V AC/DC, <150 mW; protocol - Modbus RTU, Channel - EIA-485 (galvanic isolated), Baud rate 1,200 ... 115,200. The default communication: 9,600 bps Baud rate, 8N1 data format, Modbus Slave ID - 1
    LonWorksPolarity independent; Voltage 12 - 24 V AC/DC, <150 mW; Channel - TP/FT-10, Baud rate - 78 kbits per second, Data format - Differential Manchester Coding
    LoRaFive different telegrams can be selected via OTC App (AppStore Android). Up to 11 years lifetime with own battery and the modern ECO Mode. Transmission interval varies with the connection quality.
    NB-IoTCompatible in Slot 1 with internal antenna, with external D-Cell battery, 13+1 years battery lifetime with daily upload of 24 hourly values. Configurable with NFC connection via OTC App (AppStore Android)
    RS232Serial interface for communication with external devices, a special data cable is required, M-Bus protocol, 300 and 2,400 baud
    RS485Serial interface for communication with external devices, power supply with 12 V ± 5 V, M-Bus protocol, 2,400 baud
    Pulse outputModule with 2 Open Collector pulse outputs (potential-free), output 1: 4 Hz (pulse width 125 ms), pulse or static conditions (e.g. errors), output 2: 200 Hz (pulse width ≥ 5 ms), configurable via IZAR@MOBILE 2 software
    Pulse inputModule with 2 pulse inputs, max. 20 Hz, configurable via IZAR@MOBILE 2 software, data can be transferred remotely
    Combined pulse in-/outputModule with 2 pulse inputs and 1 pulse output, configurable via IZAR@MOBILE 2 software, needed for leak detection
    Analogue outputModule for 4 ... 20 mA with 2 programmable passive outputs, programmable value in case of error
  • Technical data flow sensor
    Nominal flow rateqpm3/h0.
    Nominal diameterDNmm1515202025324040506580100100
    Overall lengthLmm110110130130260260150300270300300360360
    Starting flow ratel/h12.52.5410101020405080120120
    Minimum flow rate (DR 1:250)qil/h-66102424-401601100116024012401
    Minimum flow rate (DR 1:100)qil/h61515256060601001502504006001,000
    Maximum flow rateqsm3/h1.233512121220305080120120
    Overload flow ratem3/h2.
    Operating pressurePNbar16/2516/2516/2516/2516/2516/2516/2516/2516/2516/2516/252525
    Pressure loss at qpΔpmbar9512075100128128190140140758075210
    Temp. range heating - brass body°C5 ... 1305 ... 1305 ... 1305 ... 1305 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 1505 ... 150
    Temp. range heating - spheroidal cast iron body°C--------5 ... 1055 ... 1055 ... 1055 ... 1055 ... 105
    kv value (qp² (m³/h) = kv² x Δp (bar))1.954.335.487.9114.7716.7713.7626.7340.0991.29141.42219.09218.22
    1 Only for horizontal installation
  • Dimensions thread version
    Nominal flow rateqpm3/h0.
    Nominal diameterDNmm1515202025324040506580100100
    Overall lengthLmm110110130130260260150300270300300360360
    Overall length with couplingL2mm190190230230380380-440-----
    Length of calculatorL1mm150150150150150150150150-----
    Height of calculatorH2mm5454545454545454-----
    Width of calculatorBmm100100100100100100100100-----
    Connection thread on meterInchG¾BG¾BG1BG1BG1¼BG1½BG2BG2B-----
    Connection thread of couplingInchR1R1¼R1½R1½-----
    1 Meter with A-cell, without modules, 1.4 m cable length, 1.9 m cable length of temperature sensor Ø 5.2 mm
  • Dimensions flange version
    Nominal flow rateqpm3/h0.
    Nominal diameterDNmm1515202025324040506580100100
    Overall lengthLmm110110130130260260150300270300300360360
    Length of calculatorL1mm----150150-150150150150150150
    Height of calculatorH2mm----5454-545454545454
    Width of calculatorBmm----100100-100100100100100100
    Flange dimensionFmm----100125-138147170185216216
    Flange diameterDmm----114139-148163184200235235
    Hole circle diameterKmm----85100-110125145160190190
    Screwhole diameterD1mm----1418-181818192222
    Number of screwholespcs----44-448888
    Weight brass bodykg----3.54.8-
    Weight grey cast iron bodykg--------
  • Pressure loss graph / typical error graph