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Environmental Policy

Environmental PolicyEnvironmental Policy

Environmental Policy of Diehl & Eagle-Picher GmbH

Environment-conscious reasoning and conduct are imperative in our company’s policy and daily work. We preventively protect our environment observing environmental aspects already during production process. Our environmental policy sets the framework for definition and assessment of environmental objectives. Our goal is a holistic, integrated environmental protection. That means environmental protection is an integral part of any action, particularly in the management sector. This way is both ecologically and economically the best course of action.

Diehl & Eagle-Picher committed themselves to observe prevailing laws and applicable regulations as well as uphold any further obligations and strive to continuously improve their environment management system in order to enhance environmental performance and protect environment against injurious effects.

The following guidelines are considered as orientation:  

  • Our products and production processes should affect environment as little as possible.
  • If feasible, the environmental impact of each new activity, every new process and any new product are assessed in advance in order to enable an efficient use of raw materials and energy with respect to economic aspects as well as reuse byproducts by returning them into production process.
  • We minimize emission in exhaust air and sewage.
  • We consider environment protection executive function. D&EP advance our employees’ knowledge and sense of responsibility for our environment by appropriate information, trainings, workshops and regular schooling.
  • In the sector of environment protection we collaborate with the authorities on a basis of mutual trust. Collectively we adjust and determine environmentally relevant processes in order to minimize the effects of potential incidents.
  • Besides our measures to protect the environment we regard the open information policy towards general public as an important element to inspire confidence.

The environmental guidelines of Diehl & Eagle-Picher document that such policy

  • is relevant for any activity, product and service and their environmental influence;
  • is introduced, implemented, and sustained in all sectors of the business unit;
  • is available for employees and interested parties and when required;
  • provides for the compliance with any respective environmental regulation;
  • obliges to a continuous improvement of environmentally orientated performance;
  • accomplishes the bases of determining environmentally specific goals;
  • shows how these environmental goals are circularized.