SHARKY 775 awarded again with 5 stars

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SHARKY 775 awarded again with 5 starsSHARKY 775 awarded again with 5 stars

Diehl Metering is proud to announce that the smart ultrasonic energy meter SHARKY 775 was awarded again by AGFW, an independent and neutral energy efficiency association for heating, cooling and combined heat and power.

AGFW is a union of over 500 companies for district heating and cooling as well as for industrial companies of the sector from Germany and Europe. The association’s goal is to promote the sector on a national and international level as legislators and service provider. Moreover, it is co-editor of the professional journal “EuroHeat&Power”.

The SHARKY 775 underwent the heating meter test of AGFW which results give information about measurement accuracy, measurement stability and reparability of usual or of new flow sensors. The sizes qp 6.0, 10.0 und 15.0 m³/h were tested. For this, SHARKY 775 obtained again 5 out 5 stars for measurement accuracy and measurement stability thanks to its precise ultrasonic technology. As a novelty, the AGFW released a seal of quality with which the SHARKY 775 shines.

Benefit from the measuring quality of our SHARKY and get in contact with your sales representative.

  • With the implementation of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (RK 2014/32/EU, short: MID), AGFW assumes that the heating meter test of AGFW becomes even more important as instrument that secures quality. Since the MID does not require standard long-term tests for heating meters, only the heating meter test of AGFW will provide comparable data in the future.