Diehl Metering Denmark Customer Day 2019

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Diehl Metering Denmark Customer Day 2019 Diehl Metering Denmark Customer Day 2019
Opening Speech by the Regional Director Scandinavia Christian Unterländer.
Diehl Metering Denmark Customer Day 2019 Diehl Metering Denmark Customer Day 2019
Numerous customers took part in the event.

Diehl Metering hosted the third customer day in Roskilde on 18.09.2019. This year the platform was used to show customers new solutions and experiences from metering during the morning. Our new products IZAR RDC VEHICLE & BATTERY and IZAR RDC PREMIUM 2 were shown "Live on stage". The upcoming communication possibilities with LoRa and NB-IoT for the SHARKY 775 and the HYDRUS were very much welcomed by the customers. The morning was rounded off by a customer presentation. In this presentation he showed the customers what the rollout of a Diehl Metering solution looks like and what the advantages are.

In the afternoon the customers were divided into a water and a heat workshop group. At the beginning the teams were informed about our new products HYDRUS 2.0 and SHARKY 775 Facelift. Afterwards the aim was to find out which challenges and requirements our customers have on us today. The 60 customers and partners were very satisfied with the new "Danish Format", which was framed by the Danish language and the local Danish topics this year.

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