The HRLc G3 radio module integrates LoRaWAN® technology for remote reading solutions and a mobile reading vendor-specific radio protocol.
HRLc G3 can be easily clipped onto all modular Diehl Metering meters in the inductive range (Ha+Ti or Ti) equipped with a grey or red ring. HRLc G3 has a built-in inductive sensor that makes it insensitive to magnetic fraud.
Thanks to complementary transmission protocols, this smart device is compatible with walk-by reading solutions. Furthermore, it can be used with any pulse-emitting meter when combined with our IZAR BE PULSE interface.


  • Compact radio transmitter for mechanical water meter
  • Designed for LoRaWAN® fixed networks (operated or private)
  • Available in 868 MHz
  • Main Functions: Midnight index, Hourly consumption, Return flow volume, Minimum and maximum flow values
  • Main Alarms: Fraud, Battery, Blocked meter, Temperature, Backflow, Overflow, Leak
  • Insensitive to magnetic fraud
  • Battery lifetime up to 15 years
  • IP 68
  • Operating principle

    HRLc G3 includes an electronic circuit that collects the data coming from a Diehl Metering water meter and transmits all the meter information every 12 hours in LoRaWAN® fixed network mode or on demand in mobile reading mode according to a defined listening time slot.

    LoRaWAN® fixed network:
    Data are collected through the operated network to which the customer has subscribed or through a private network specifically deployed by the customer. Depending on the needs of each customer, it is possible to access the data either via the IZAR@NET 2 software or directly via the network operator interface (usually REST or MQTT API interfaces).

    Walk-by reading:
    The information available in the HRLc G3 is collected in bidirectional mode using a portable terminal equipped with a battery-powered radio receiver. The data is then uploaded directly to the centralized computer system.

  • Technical data
    Fixed Network Radio ProtocolLoRaWAN® Class A
    Walk-by Radio ProtocolVendor specific
    Frequency863 ... 868 MHz
    EncryptionIndividual key - AES-128/CTR
    Transmission power25 mW (14 dBm)
    Transmission modeBi-directional
    Radio rangeUp to 500 m (walk-by) and several km (LoRaWAN®) depending on network coverage
    StandardsEN 300220 | RED 2014/53/EU | RoHS 2011/65/EU | EN 60950 | EN 62311:2008 | EN 62479:2010 | EN 301489 | EN 50581:2012
    CertificationLoRa Alliance®, Inc - According specification v1.0.1
    Power supplyLithium battery 3.6 V - Li/SOCl2
    Battery lifetimeUp to 15 years*
    *Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theoretical life, with no guarantee.
  • Ambient conditions
    Ambient operating temperature°C-10 ... +55
    Storage temperature°C-20 ... +65
    Ambient humidity%0 ... 100
    Degree of protectionIP 68
  • Configuration
    Local interfaceBi-directional radio
    FunctionsMidnight index | Hourly consumption | Backflow volume | Minimum and maximum flow values
    Alarms managementFraud | Low battery | Meter stopped | Temperature | Backflow | Overflow | Leak
  • Compatibility
    MetersDiehl Metering Ha+Ti or Ti inductive modular range . Pulse weight DN15 to DN40 (1 liter) | Pulse weight DN50 to DN125 (10 liters) | Pulse weight DN150 to DN300 (100 liters)
  • Accessories

    - IZAR BE PULSE (interface for external radio module)
    - IZAR PULSE i + IZAR BE PULSE KIT (pulse emitter + interface for external radio module)
    - G3 LORA CONFIGURATION KIT (including Bluetooth® receiver, magnet, smartphone & configuration app.)

  • Dimensions
    Total massg214.2
    EEE mass (2012/19/UE)g188.2
    Battery & accumulator mass (2006/66/CE)g26
    Lithium massg0.9