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In an era of demographic change, we have recognized the importance of a highly-trained workforce in today’s Hungary. We have a double objective in this respect: we strive to earn the trust of people with outstanding professional knowledge and want to make sure that our trained employees are able to take on the challenges of the future. Diehl regards the opportunity to obtain the expertise which we provide to our employees as a long-term investment. In addition to professional qualification we also have programmes in place that serve the purpose of personal development, because we not only believe but also know that there is a person behind each employee. We want to attract people who recognize the value of successful improvement; therefore, our goal is to give our employees what is good for them and also for the company.

Quality and Sustainability
Quality and Sustainability
Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

Diehl is primarily known by its customers for the high quality of its products and services; therefore, continuous quality development is an essential company objective. This provides a foundation for financial and legal stability, which are prerequisite for our sustainability.

Quality and Sustainability from a customer aspect

As a competent technology partner, we understand the individual needs of our customers and make every effort to completely satisfy them.

From a supplier aspect

We regard our suppliers as fundamental links in our value chains. Our suppliers are actively involved in our quality management to minimize the possibility of errors for the purpose of achieving the common objective. For the sake of outstanding quality, we offer our suppliers opportunities for long-term cooperation.

From an employee aspect

Our quality standards are to be applied by all Diehl employees worldwide. This is achieved by regular training and auditing. The expertise and skills of our employees provide assurance for our development processes, enabling us to be human-centered and effective at the same time.

From a process aspect

We are more effective together. We measure and analyze process performance through the application of relevant key figures. Instead of error correction, we focus on error prevention. We look at quality planning as an integral part of the product development process, and we reduce waste in a proactive way in line with LEAN principles.

Training Center

Training Center

For Diehl Aviation Hungary, continuous improvement is not a mere task, it is a mission.

This commitment is duly demonstrated by the fact that since its launch in 2011 the company has been constantly expanding in terms of floor space, the range of products manufactured, the services rendered and headcount.

Continuous learning, as well as recognizing and preventing our mistakes, is essential for improvement. This is the key to the quality our company represents, which has become a hallmark for Diehl Group in the domestic and international market. The objective of our processes is to enable us to monitor our own improvement while maintaining the standard of our work. These all serve our ultimate goal to be the best.

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