IZAR@HOME is an iOS™/Android™ smartphone app.
The app allows consumers to monitor their media consumption in a faster and more intelligent way, reducing environmental impact and saving their money.
By adding this solution to their portfolio and delivering immediate and accurate consumption/billing information as well as additional news like maintenance.
Utilities and energy providers can benefit from Diehl Metering’s first grade smart metering technology and consumers are in turn empowered to get in touch with their utility/energy providers more easily and efficiently.
IZAR@HOME app can also help by revealing potential leaks in households at an early stage. The built-in notification function informs consumers of problems.


  • Consumption overview with different data granularities (e.g. monthly, yearly)
  • Meter measurements, e.g. current meter index or forward/return/tap water temperatures
  • Water and energy consumption benchmark with peer group
  • Room temperature check
  • Frequent efficiency check of the heating or cooling system
  • Checking the current readings of heat cost allocators mounted on radiators
  • Providing consumers with basic billing information
  • Allowing the consumer to provide the meter reading with a photo of its readings
  • Notifications about consumption reports, important utility information etc.
  • Meter alarms, e.g. potential leakages
  • Help Center with frequently asked questions
  • System Requirements

    • Smartphone with minimum screen size: 4.5 inch
    • Android™ operating system, minimum 8.0 (Oreo)
    • Account on Google™ Play Appstore to download and install the application
    • iOS™ operating system, minimum iOS™ 11
    • Account on Apple™ Appstore to download and install the application

  • Available modules
    Consumption OverviewShow consumption statistics in different time granularities and enable the display of consumption per capita including a comparison to previous period and consumption forecast
    Consumption BenchmarkAllow consumers to benchmark their water and energy consumption with a peer group
    E-BillInform consumers in a transparent, digital and timely manner about their latest billing information and bill components
    My MeterDisplay the readings of meters incl. alarm information (e.g. leakage) to the consumers for full transparency
    Heating efficiencyEnable consumers to monitor the efficiency of their heating behavior by visualizing the current and historical delta/return temperature of their household
    Cooling rateChecking the efficiency of room cooling
    Self-ReaderAllows you to submit a meter reading to your utility via the IZAR@HOME Application with the photo of meter index
    Heat Cost AllocatorDisplay the values of the Heat Cost Allocator in the software
    Room temperatureForward notifications to consumers, e.g. availability of new reports or important utility information
    MessageForward notifications to consumers, e.g. availability of new reports or important utility information
    Help CenterShow relevant frequently asked questions and reduce support effort by providing In-App answers to consumers
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