HYDRUS 2.0 BULK is a static ultrasonic bulk water meter designed for applications of cold and hot water supply enabling accurate measuring with long-term stability under difficult conditions (no measurement of air and insensitive to sedimentation). Developed within the framework of the MID, it complies with the European regulations and holds sanitary conformity certificates (AoC DEU, ACS, WRAS and others). The integrated communication function supports meter data provision via mobile reading (walk-by/drive-by/passive drive-by) or fixed network (upgrade without on-site configuration). In combination with Diehl Metering’s IZAR fixed network system, which stands out with extra high coverage and strong performance to reach hard-to-read locations, high data granularity and timeliness will be maintained. This is what makes it a high responsive infrastructure to take actions immediately.


  • DN 50 to 200
  • MID approved with dynamic range up to R 1000
  • IP 68 suitable for outdoor installations
  • Integrated radio communication based on Open Metering telegram (OMS Generation 3 or 4, Profile B)
  • Wired M-Bus/Pulse/Pulse, wireless M-Bus, wireless M-Bus in combination with wired L-Bus/Pulse interface
  • Display with error and alarm codes including leakage detection and self-monitoring function
  • Battery lifetime up to 16 years
  • U0 / D0, no need for calming sections
  • Privacy

    The HYDRUS 2.0 BULK saves daily 512 consumption values. This data can be read locally and accessed only by using the IZAR@MOBILE 2. As a second logging, a small amount of 32 monthly consumption values can be stored. The HYDRUS 2.0 BULK has a minimal sending interval of about 14 seconds and uses the OMS Generation 3 or 4, Profile B security level. Both, the radio protocol and the optical interface are encrypted by default.

  • Technical data
    Medium temperature range°C+0.1 ... +50 (T30 / T50), +0.1 ... +90 (T90)
    AccuracyAccuracy class 2 acc. to ISO 4064:2014 / OIML R49:2013
    Ambient operating temperature°C-10 ... +55
    Ambient storage temperature°C-10 ... +70 (>35 °C max. 4 weeks)
    Environmental classO (Outdoors)
    Mechanical environmental classM2
    Electromagnetic environmental classE2
    Flow profile sensitivity classU0/D0 (no calming sections required)
    Installation positionHorizontal, inclined 45°, inclined 90°, vertical
    Maximum admissible pressureMAPbar16
    Minimum operating pressurebar0.3
    Pressure loss classΔpbar0.16
    Power supply3.6 V lithium battery (D-cell)
    Battery lifetime1Up to 16 years (all communication interfaces)
    Communication interfacesOptical, OMS wireless M-Bus 434 or 868 MHz, M-Bus, L-Bus and Pulse
    Data storageFor errors, alarms and measuring values, data logging capabilities to record up to 512 daily +32 monthly values
    Protection classIP 68
    1 Depends on the sending interval of the radio telegram, the telegram length and the ambient temperature at the installation
  • Technical data display
    Display indicationLCD, 9-digit, additional symbols/display counter/unit
    Units displayed DN 50 - 100Volume (m³ + 2 decimal places) and flow rate (m³/h + 3 decimal places)
    Units displayed DN 125 - 200Volume (m³ + 1 decimal place) and flow rate (m³/h + 3 decimal places)
    Values displayedDisplay test - volume - battery lifetime - firmware version - software checksum - flow - current/continuous/historical error - alarm status - high resolution volume - due date - due date volume - reverse volume - display counter - low battery indication - leakage indication - metrological log access - radio signal ON/OFF - alarm indication - meter lock ON/OFF
  • Interfaces - Overview
    OpticalFor switching the display loop
    Radio434 or 868 MHz, Open Metering Standard radio frame (R3) for mobile reading sent every 14 seconds, long range radio frame (R4) for fixed network sent every 5 minutes, extra long range radio frame (R4+) for fixed network sent every 15 minutes
    M-Bus2400 baud, cable length 5m, power supply only via built-in battery - is combined with two Pulse outputs
    L-BusIn combination with radio, cable length 5m (only one interface communicating at the same time)
    Pulse (Open drain)Two Pulse outputs, or one Pulse and one L-Bus output, Pulse cable length 5m
  • Security
    VersionsOMS Generation 3 or OMS Generation 4, Profile B, selectable
  • Volume / Pulse open drain
    Max. input voltageV30
    Max. input currentmA27
    Max. voltage drop at active outputV/mA2/27
    Max. current through inactive outputμA/V5/30
    Max. reverse voltage without destroying outputsV6 (in case current does not exceed 27 mA)
    Pulse rates DN 50l/pulse1 / 10 / 100 / 1000
    Pulse rates DN 65 - 150l/pulse10 / 100 / 1000
    Pulse rates DN 200l/pulse100 / 1000
    Pulse output 1 variantsTotal volume or forward volume
    Pulse output 2 variantsFlow direction or error, reverse volume
    Pulse frequencyMax. frequency 10 Hz
    Pulse width50 ms
  • Possible communication interfaces
    Wireless M-Bus/Pulse/L-Bus3 wire
    Wireless M-Bus onlywithout wire
    M-Bus/Pulse/Pulse5 wire
    IZAR BE PULSE4 wire
  • Performance Data - Cold water (T30 / T50) Horizontal
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100125150200
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h254063100160250400
    Dynamic (Q3/Q1)R800800800800800800800
    Overload flow rateQ4m³/h31.255078.75125200312.50500
    Transitional flow rateQ2l/h5080126200320500800
    Minimum flow rateQ1l/h31.255078.75125200312.50500
    Starting flow ratel/h1527354570140200
    Pressure loss at Q3bar0.
    Pressure loss at Q4bar0.
    Maximum flow rate 2Qhighm³/h54871342504006251000
    Flow coefficientKvm³/h631051582804207471140
    2 Outlet pressure minimum 3 bar, maximum 100 hours per year, closed pipeline network
  • Performance Data - Hot water (T90) Horizontal
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100125150200
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h254063100---
    Dynamic (Q3/Q1)R400400400400---
    Overload flow rateQ4m³/h31.255078.75125---
    Transitional flow rateQ2l/h100160250400---
    Minimum flow rateQ1l/h63100160250---
    Starting flow ratel/h15273545---
    Pressure loss at Q3bar0.
    Pressure loss at Q4bar0.
    Flow coefficientKvm³/h63105158280---
  • Approval
    ApprovalMID DE-19-MI001-PTB011
    Dynamic range (Q3/Q1)RUp to 1000
    StandardsISO 4064, EN 14154, OIML R49
    Sanitary conformityAoC DEU, ACS, WRAS
  • Dynamic Range
    Q3 25 ... 400 m³/h - T30R800
    Q3 25 ... 400 m³/h - T50R800H / 250V
    Q3 25 ... 100 m³/h - T90R400H / 160V
  • Pressure loss graph / Typical error graph

  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100125150200
    Overall length (T30 / T50)Lmm200/ 270 / 3003200 / 3003200 / 225 / 300 / 3503250 / 3504 / 360250300 / 500350
    Overall length (T90)Lmm200200200 / 225250---
    Flange diameter 5Dmm165185200220250285340
    Hole circle diameter 5Kmm125145160180210240295
    Number of screwholes 5pcs448888126
    Screwhole diameter 5D1mm19191919192323
    Counter lengthL1mm98989898989898
    Meter widthBmm165185200220250285340
    Counter widthB1mm139139139139139139139
    Overall weight (approx.)kg7 / 9 / 98 / 1111 / 13 / 14 / 1517 / 19 / 202338 / 4551
    3 Optionally with rotatable flange
    4 Rotatable flange
    5 Flanges according to EN 1092, PN 10/16
    6 8 Screwholes for PN 10
  • Meter body variants

    a) The cold water meters come with an epoxy-coated cast iron housing as standard. ISO short length variants can optionally be manufactured with a stainless steel housing.
    b) ISO long length meters with diameters up to DN 100 can optionally come with rotatable flanges.
    c) Hot water meters are always provided with stainless steel housings (EN 1.4408, AISI 316).

  • Reach

    Information pursuant to Article 33 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006:
    This product series contains components with the following substances in a concentration of more than 0.1% weight by weight
    - Lead titanium zirconium oxide (CAS no.: 12626-81-2)