IZAR@NET is the Diehl Metering software solution for collecting, managing and analysing multi energy meters data provided by our different reading solutions, such as mobile, passive drive-by (garbage truck), fixed network or wired M-Bus.
With its new interface, IZAR@NET is a user-friendly, ergonomic and performant application allowing easy access to your multi-energy metering data (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity ...).
In addition to all features for operations, IZAR@NET integrates automatic analyses of your meter data and alarms with a possible e-mail notification.
IZAR@NET various versions and capacities offer a suitable response to your needs.


  • Dashboard view for easy access to data
  • Instant graphical representation of customized filtered meter data
  • Multi-energy management (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity …)
  • Meters map visualization
  • Details of consumption for a given period of time: moving, complaint …
  • Detection and details of leakage at the subscriber
  • Possibility of monitoring and optimization of the distribution network
  • Reports management and email notification
  • Data export in an excel format
  • Various packages and capacities available
  • System requirements

    General system requirements:
    • Fully patched operating system with administrator rights (for installation only)
    • Operating System: Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) or higher, Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit) or higher
    • Web Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (current and previous version)
    • Java 7 (Java Runtime Environment) or higher

    Hardware requirements for up to 10,000 meters and daily reading:
    • Dual-Core CPU with min. 2.6 GHz or Quad-Core CPU with min. 2.5 GHz
    • Min. 8 GByte RAM main memory
    • Min. 100 GByte free disk space (SSD storage recommended)
    • Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024x768

  • Basic package features

    • Management of multi-users and access rights
    • Simplified client/server architecture
    • Consumption management
    • Intelligent search function and multiple filtering options
    • Pre-defined graphics in the meter detailed view
    • Interactive mapping for the meters
    • Data import and export (csv and xls)
    • Built-in task scheduler
    • Automatic and individual data reduction
    • Email notification on meter alarms
    • Possibility to create metering sub-groups

    • Standard analyses
    -Consumption (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly ...)
    -Night-time consumption
    -Meters aggregation
    -Unread meters

    • Advanced analyses
    -Virtual meters (mathematical operations ...)
    -Analyses of network performances or district metering areas (DMA)

  • Available modules
    Mobile readingOffers all the functionalities for the radio reading such as the organization of the reading tours, the uploading/downloading on the handheld computers, the management of the radio meters and the consultation of the historical consumption data and alarms.
    Fixed networkOffers all the functionalities of the automatic collection of data coming from IZAR fixed network reading solutions or wired MBUS solutions (via FTP server), the management and analysis of meters data.
    M-Bus readingOffers all the functionalities of MBUS reading solutions such as IZAR CENTER, either in direct connection (via RS232, USB, LAN) or in remote connection (modem) as well as the management and analysis of the data coming from MBUS meters.
    Advanced analysisAllows the management of virtual meters as well as the analysis functionalities of the network performance and DMA.
    Note : One of the modules Fixed, Mobile or M-Bus is mandatory to perform import of metering data into IZAR@NET database. These modules can also be combined.
  • Application screenshots

  • Application screenshots