SHARKY 774 compact

SHARKY 774 compact



SHARKY 774 COMPACT ultrasonic energy meter is designed for measuring the energy consumption in heating or bifunctional (heating/cooling) application for billing purposes. Its static ultrasonic technology is based on the measurement of the transit time. It offers many benefits: no moving parts (reduces wear and tear of the metering components), low pressure loss, wide dynamic measuring range, low start flowrate and insensitiveness to suspended particles.


  • M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus (OMS radio 868 MHz) communication. Enhanced transmission performance is achieved when combined with Diehl Metering AMR system technology
  • Heat-transfer fluid: water
  • Constant high measuring rates of the temperatures and volume with up to 12 years battery life time
  • 8-digit LCD
  • Removable calculator (0.45m coaxial cable) ensuring comfortable reading
  • General
    ApplicationHeating or bifunctional (heating /cooling) | Heat-transfer fluid: glycol-free water
    ApprovalMID (DE-13-MI004-PTB008)
    Environmental classClass 2
    Ambient classClass E2 + M2
    Ambient operating temperature°C+5 ... +55 (<35 °C have a positive effect on battery lifetime)
    Ambient storage temperature°C-25 ... +60 (>35 °C max. 4 weeks)
    CommunicationM-Bus or radio
    Frequency band868 or 434 MHz
    Type of radio telegramOpen Metering Standard (OMS)
    Transmission data updatingOnline - no time delay between value measurement and data transmission
    Data transmissionUnidirectional
    Sending intervalRapid mode (drive-by): 14 s + synchron telegram: 900 s | standard mode (walk-by): 64 s + synchron telegram: 900 s
  • Calculator - basic features
    Protection classIP 65
    Battery supply3.6 VDC (2xAA-cell), up to 12 years lifetime (at standard conditions of use and temperature)
    Battery1 lifetime - radioRapid mode: up to 7 years; standard mode: up to 11 years (depends on sending interval)
    Battery1 lifetime - M-BusUp to 12 years
    Temperature sensor typePt 500, 2-wire; Ø 5.2 mm
    Cable length of temperature sensorm1.45 / 1.95
    Absolute temperature rangeΘ°C+1 ... +105 (+130 in option)
    Measuring cycle - flows2
    Measuring cycle - temperature sensors16
    Starting temperature differenceΔΘK0.125
    Min. temperature differenceΔΘminK3 (MID approved)
    Max. temperature difference (heating)ΔΘmaxK127 (MID approved)
    Interfaces standardOptical ZVEI interface
    Interfaces optionalM-Bus or radio
    Extensive readable data memoryPeriodical log2; 3 history logs; event memory
    1 Battery exchangeable at lab
    2 Programmable storage interval (daily, weekly, monthly, ...)
  • Flow sensor - basic features
    Protection class flow sensorIP54 (heating) - IP68 (heating/cooling)
    Material of the flow sensor bodyBrass
    Temperature range heating°C+5 ... +105*
    +5 ... +105
    Temperature range heating with cooling tariff°C5 ... 105
    Dynamic range (qp/qi)1:100
    Mounting position flow sensorAny position, calming section not necessary
    * +130°C in option
  • Display
    Display indicationLCD, 8-digit
    UnitsMWh - kWh - GJ - °C - m³
    Total values99,999,999 - 9,999,999.9 - 999,999.99 - 99,999.999
    Values displayedEnergy - Power - Volume - Flow rate - Temperature and more
    * MWh - GJ in option
  • Interfaces
    OpticalZVEI interface, for communication and testing, M-Bus protocol
    M-BusConfigurable telegram, according to EN13757-3, data reading via two wires with non polarity (1.5 m), auto baud detect (300 and 2400 baud), galvanically isolated, one M-Bus load
    Wireless M-BusOpen Metering Standard (OMS), Generation 3 Profile A or Generation 4 Profile B; frequency band 868 or 434 MHz
  • Technical data flow sensor
    Nominal flow rateqpm³/h1.52.5
    Nominal diameterDNmm1520
    Overall lengthLmm110130
    Starting flow ratel/h2.54
    Minimum flow rateqil/h1525
    Maximum flow rateqsm³/h35
    Overload flow ratem³/h4.66.7
    Operating pressurePNbar1616
    kv value (qp² (m³/h) = kv² x Δp (bar))4.337.91
    Pressure loss at qpΔpmbar120100
  • Dimensions thread version
    Nominal flow rateqpm³/h1.52.5
    Nominal diameterDNmm1520
    Overall lengthLmm110130
    Overall length with couplingL2mm190230
    Length of calculatorL1mm9090
    Height of calculatorH2mm2727
    Height of calculatorH3mm4040
    Width of calculatorBmm135135
    Connection thread on meterinchG¾BG1B
    Connection thread of couplinginch
  • Pressure loss graph / Typical error graph

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