Diehl Metering offers a modular system based on the volumetric technology. Modules are available in various materials and can be easily assembled. A large choice of materials, adapted to the nature of the measured liquid, can be proposed for each measurement problem.
Modular system gives the possibility to exchange or add one or several pulse emitter modules.
Measuring chamber and rotary piston control and cleaning operations can be carried out on the site, without dismounting the ARD meter from the pipe. It's possible to integrate a heating device in the measuring chamber according to the type of liquid to be measured. These meters have an important measuring dynamic and even very low flowrates are recorded with precision.


  • Volumetric meter
  • Possibility to measure various liquids
  • High measurement dynamics
  • Technical characteristics
    Nominal diameterDNmm1520254050
    Nominal pressure****bar10..40 (4)10..40 (4)10..40 (4)10..40 (4)10..40 (4)
    Operating temperatures range****°C40..180 (4)40..180 (4)40..180 (4)40..180 (4)40..180 (4)
    Max. flowratel/h40015003 0009 00030 000
    Discontinuous flowl/h32012002 4007 20024 000
    Continuous flowl/h2007501 5004 50015 000
    Min. flowrate**l/h103075225750
    Min. flowrate*** - aluminium pistonl/h1037.575225750
    Min. flowrate*** - ebonite/graphite/stainless pistonl/h20751504501 500
    Min. flowrate*** - PPS/PTFE pistonl/h401503009003 000
    Starting flowl/h4123090300
    Volume of the measuring chamber (cyclical volume)cm³12361003301 200
    Verification stepl0.
    Recording capacity100010 00010 00010 000100 000
    Max. recording time with continuous flow and no reseth500013 3336 6662 2226 666
    Width of the safety filter meshmm0.
    Max. width of the impurity collector meshmm0.
    * For chemical liquids up to approximately 10 000 mPa.s
    ** For light fuel oil meter with measuring chamber in brass and a piston in aluminium
    *** For other liquids and piston materials and measuring chamber
    **** According to construction materials
  • Metrology
    Error tolerance of the instantaneous value between Qmax and Qmin%±0.5
    Metering in both flow directionYes
    Straight lengthNot necessary
  • Assembly

    Rotary piston meters may be fitted on all positions but the dial of the register must never face down. No straight length before or after the meter is required. Meters with a register must be installed to be read easily. Rotary piston meters are precision instruments and must always be protected by an impurity collector or a filter. The mesh width must be less than 100 microns (0.1 mm).

  • Dimensions : Thread version
    Nominal diameterDNmm1520254050
    Øp3/4"1"1-1 / 4"2"2-3/8"
  • Dimensions : Flange version
    Nominal diameterDNmm1520254050
    Weight InoxKg4.55.58.52140
    Weight syntheticKg--1023-
    *Only for metal housing, for synthetic housing length is 260 mm.
  • Pressure loss graph

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