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Diehl Ventures operates as a strategic investor. Prior to any investment we coordinate closely with our operative business units, thus creating proximity and space for strong collaborations.

Diehl Ventures supports young companies in these sectors:

Materials and Production Technologies

  • The historic roots of Diehl lie in the casting of metal materials and their efficient processing. As a specialist for high-quality alloys, electroplating, forming and die casting, we control the entire value chain – up to the ready-to-install component.

    Materials and production technologies are essential to lightweight engineering and functional integration within the aviation and defence sectors. In terms of industrialisation, approval and certification, young enterprises may profit significantly from the comprehensive experience and market access of the Diehl Group.

    Energy Storage and Conversion

    • Your start-up is working on system solutions for energy supply, distribution and management? In that case you will find plenty of synergies with our corporate divisions Aviation, Defence and Metering.

      Your innovations rethink the transport and traffic of the future (keyword e-mobility)? Diehl Ventures provides you with suitable und open-minded counterparts.

      Internet of Things

      • In an increasingly interconnected world, an ever growing number of actuators, sensors and devices are communicating with each other and within clouds – preferably as swiftly, safely and smoothly as possible. From aircraft cabins or predictive maintenance to smart homes: We are working on interconnecting our products by means of precise, cost effective and energy-saving sensors to generate new services and business models for our clients.

        Man-Machine Interaction

        • In almost all areas of modern life interfaces between humans and machines are evolving or are being reinvented completely − from industrial production, development and maintenance to new mobility concepts or control of household devices.

          You are working on exciting new ideas on how this interplay might look in future? Let us refine and realise your ideas together and develop new fields of application.

          Data analysis

          • Living in the data age, Diehl is striving to exploit its potential, for instance in the industrial environment or the gas, water, electricity and heating sectors. Ever more sensors and communicating devices produce an increasing amount of valuable but mostly unstructured data. We are looking for start-ups active in data mining, analytics and big data, including the use of artificial intelligence.

            Cyber Security

            • The Diehl Group commands extensive know-how on ‘data security’. We are always open to new ideas in order to guarantee secure communication for our products (from hardware to cloud infrastructure) and to be best prepared for future threats.

              This is where our innovative partners come into play, who support us in identifying cyber attacks as early as possible and in implementing appropriate countermeasures. Help us make our products even safer.


              • Diehl intends to make use of the broad application of blockchain technology, for instance in the energy trade of the future. In combination with our smart utility meters and controls consumer the consumer-provider data exchange can be managed safely, directly and economically.

                Working with imaginative pioneers in the field, we are developing state-of-the-art solutions and are identifying potential applications of blockchain technology for all our business units.

                Aircraft cabin

                • How can we optimise the flight experience for passengers? Which materials are particularly suited to make planes even more efficient, comfortable and lightweight? And how will future cabin systems be powered?

                  Start-ups with ambitions in aviation can profit from the experience of the Diehl Group in technology, approval and certification. Create with us the aircraft cabin of the future.

                  Platform-based business models

                  • New platforms are revolutionising access to products, services and information, thus enhancing market transparency. This opens up an immense potential for new services customised for end users.

                    Our well-founded hardware expertise provides a solid base for creating future business models. We are already working on generating maximum customer benefit from radio-network-based meter data.

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