Hazardous packaging for military goods

Hazardous materials crates can be made of domestic evergreen or plywood with an FMC certificate for storage and transport of hazardous materials.

Depending on the intended use, various surface treatments are available for the materials used:

  • varnished (coloring and surface protection against weather conditions)
  • painted (color, camouflage, protection)
  • impregnated (against termites and rot)
  • labeled (individually, based on customer request)

Depending on operational requirements, various carrying options or fittings can be employed.

The current product range of approved crates includes about 400 different types for packaging groups I, II and III. Moreover, we offer custom-made hazardous materials packaging according to customer requirements.

Features and benchmark data

  • Reusable
  • Maximum protection during transport and storage of packaged goods
  • Made of renewable wood
  • Tested according to military standards under all usage conditions
  • Maximum resistance to weather, vermin, rot and mold, depending on surface treatment
  • Approved for sea, land and air transport
  • IPPC-treated for dispatch to all countries worldwide

Dimensions: as needed

Weights: up to 3,100 kg of allowable total weight

Production of single units, or small and large series.

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