For an efficient read-out

Diehl 表计

Maynilad trusts in the intelligent Drive-By solution of Diehl Metering at reading out meters of 17 cities in Manila.

Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad), is the water and wastewater services provider for the 17 cities and municipalities that form the West Zone of the Metropolitan Manila area in the Philippines. They needed to have an automatic meter reading solution without human intervention that allows more efficient and accurate readings. 

Indeed, before 2015, more than 1.200.000 metered connections were read by manual mode in Manila. A process that showed its limits with only 300 meters read in one day added to other problems like traffic jam, reading errors, misreadings due to handwritten record. 

Diehl Metering offered the right solution. A wireless radio that is capable of transmitting data every 8 seconds, as well as simple drive-by scheme:

  • 1- Wireless handheld radio receiver captures signals emitted by meters
  • 2- Data collected are sent through a FTP server via 3G or 4G to Maynilad's billing system where the information is stored

A solution that allows effective costs reduction and reduction of Non Revenue Water (NRW) from 61 % to 29 %

  • Better billing and data accuracy
  • Water conservation and leak detection (alarms)
  • Quicker and easier access to data
  • Faster resolution of problem
  • Cost reduction: USD 128 spend per month to read 20,000 meters, as opposed to approximately USD 1,230 with manual reading
  • Recorded reduction of NRW loss from 61 % to 29 %

Maynilad will be present at the Asia Water Expo in Kuala Lampur (10-12 April 2017) and will do a presentation on the AMR solution proposed by Diehl Metering.