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In order to provide you with the highest degree of flexibility in choosing the smart metering solution that fits to your specific requirements, Diehl Metering will in future increasingly rely on the communication technology Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) alongside its proprietary IZAR Radio Fixed Network solution - and preparations are already under way to integrate additional transmission technologies. 

NB-IoT is a standardised LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology for Internet of Things applications that links devices via established mobile networks and transmits small volumes of data to difficult-to-access areas over long periods of time. 

NB-IoT won us over in a lab and field test conducted around the world, and is the most promising communication technology for the smart metering of the future, alongside the proven Diehl Metering radio technology IZAR RADIO. 

In cooperation with various providers and suppliers, Diehl Metering has analysed NB-IoT and carried out several successful live field tests under special metering conditions. In doing so, we evaluated the first "NB-IoT live network" in Spain as part of a conclusive field test on automated consumption data collection. Meters in typically difficult-to-access installation situations, for example, in cellars, underground garages and shafts, were accessed with the aid of fully-automatic NB-IoT modules. Initial pilot tests are planned for the 3rd quarter in 2018. 

NB-IoT uses existing infrastructure installations, which are operated, maintained and retrofitted as needed by the telecommunications providers. As the telecommunications industry is investing massively in NB-IoT, there is also strong interest in successfully establishing the technology in metering worldwide. 

Utility companies benefit from both calculable investment costs for communication as well as future-oriented investment security, as NB-IoT will also be available under 5G, the successor to LTE. 

With Diehl Metering, providers will in future be able to choose which communication solution is best for their needs: Both public NB-IoT networks and fixed network solutions from Diehl Metering tailored to energy and water suppliers can be used for fully automatic consumption data collection - or a smart combination of the two. 

Are you a utility company interested in a radio network solution? Whether you are interested in Diehl Metering's tried-and-tested IZAR RADIO technology or alternative communication technologies such as NB-IoT, we've got the right solution for you. 

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