Accessing the Internet of Things with Diehl Metering

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The Internet of Things (IoT) – the intelligent networking of devices – is currently on everyone’s lips. For Diehl Metering, connecting devices is nothing new: for over 20 years we have been successfully using our IZAR RADIO technology to gather consumption data – even from meters in challenging installation situations, such as in apartment buildings, in cellars and in shafts.

With over 35 million communicating hubs worldwide and separate systems using more than 30,000 connected meters, Diehl Metering is IoT4metering:

In addition to intelligent parking assist systems, intelligent waste collection or street lighting systems, intelligent consumer data monitoring (smart metering) is also playing a leading role in the smart city concept.

With Diehl Metering you are already perfectly equipped for smart metering. We offer you unique expertise in the networking of devices:

The challenges facing smart metering range from complicated reception caused by the installation locations of the meters - such as in cellars and shafts - to battery-powered devices with a life expectancy of more than two calibration periods, through to automated data transmission with the highest security standards.

With our high-performance IZAR RADIO technology, you can digitalise your processes. Our fixed network facilitates the smart reading of your customer's consumption data. Smart monitoring of the data can be used to detect leaks in building and in consumption networks in no time.

Diehl Metering IZAR RADIO technology stands for the highest possible quality:

  • Coverage: Thanks to our optimised coverage of up to several kilometres, we can provide you with exceptional performance at low cost (cost per meter point). We also offer professional network planning with defined service levels (guaranteed data frequency).
  • Up-to-date: We make it possible to reliably retrieve data every 8-14 seconds, whereby the most up-to-date data possible is guaranteed for smart monitoring.
  • Interoperability: In the spirit of multi utility, the IZAR RADIO fixed network is based upon the cross-manufacturer and cross-segment Open Metering System (OMS) communication standard and is infinitely compatible with devices of other manufacturers. Additional applications such as OMS smoke detectors or sensors can also be easily integrated.
  • Security: We offer the highest security standards to guarantee the security of your customers' data: BSI-compliant in accordance with OMS 4.0.2 Security Profile B.

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