Sub metering

  • Single-jet meter of dry-running design
  • Modularity with the IZAR system world
  • Excellent starting flow rate
  • Low pressure loss
  • Installation position: horizontal, vertical, over head
  • Compact design
  • Rotatable counter
  • Shield against static magnetic fields according to VDDW standard and EN 14154
  • General
    Medium temperature range cold water°C1 ... 30
    Medium temperature range warm water°C30 ... 90
    Nominal pressurePNbar10
    Display range0.1 l ... 9,999 m³/h
    Ambient operating temperature°C5 ... 55
    Ambient storage temperature°C1 ... 50
    Environmental classB
    Protection classIP 54
  • Versions
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h2.52.52.54
    Overall lengthLmm80110130130
    AQUARIUS - radio segment retrofittable
    AQUARIUS composite housing - radio segment retrofittable---
    AQUARIUS - radio segment mounted
    AQUARIUS composite housing - radio segment mounted---
    AQUARIUS - pulse output110 / 10010 / 10010 / 10010 / 100
    AQUARIUS S: radio segment IZAR RS 868 retrofittable.
    AQUARIUS RS: with mounted and configured radio segment IZAR RS 868 on request.
    1 AQUARIUS P: with pulse output by reed switch, cable length 2 m, contact rating 24 V ~ 0.2 A, max. cable length 20 - 50 m (depending on electrical perturbation). Switching amplifier have to be used at a longer distance. The meter (10 l or 100 l) is delivered tested but not conformity declared.
  • Approval
    Approval - AQUARIUS S / RSMID DE-14-MI001-PTB006, OIML R49, EN 14154, KTW
    Approval - AQUARIUS PKTW
    Dynamic range (Q3/Q1)R80 H / 40 V | 40
    Dynamic range (Q3/Q1) with pulse output2R80 H / 31.5 V | 40 H / 31.5 V
    2 only without MID approval
  • Reach

    Information pursuant to Article 33 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006:
    This product series contains articles with the following substances in a concentration of more than 0.1% weight by weight (w/w):
    - Lead

  • Technical Data
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h2.52.52.54
    Overall lengthLmm80110130130
    Nominal diameterDNmm15151520
    Overload flow rateQ4m³/h3.12523.12523.125252
    Transitional flow rate horizontalQ2l/h502502502802
    Minimum flow rate horizontalQ1l/h312312312502
    Starting flow rate horizontall/h88812
    Pressure loss at Q3bar0.630.630.630.63
    2 at R 80
  • Dimensions
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h2.52.52.54
    Overall lengthLmm80110130130
    Overall length with couplingL2mm160190210228
    Connection thread on meterInchG¾BG¾BG¾BG1B
    Connection thread of couplingInch
    Height (with segment cover and pulse output)H1mm52525252
    Height (with radio segment)H1mm69696969
    DiameterØ Bmm64646464
    Weight without couplingkg0.40.440.540.54
    Weight with couplingkg0.580.640.720.72
  • Pressure loss graph / Typical error graph
    Pressure loss graphTypical error graph