• Calculator - Basic features
    Ambient classEN 1434 class C / MID E1 + M1
    Protection class DIN 40050 / IEC-EN 60529IP 54 (heat meter) | IP 65 with potted calculator (combined heating-cooling / cooling meter)
    Interfaces standardOptical ZVEI according IEC 870-5
    Interfaces optionalRadio, M-Bus, pulse output
    Note: IZAR@SET / HYDRO-SET Software for configuration of meters, reading of measured values and printout of meter logs. Available under www.diehl.com/metering (Products - downloads)
  • Display
    Display indicationLCD, 7-digit
    UnitMWh - kWh - GJ - MJ - kW - m³/h - l/h - m³ - l
    Total values9,999,999 - 999,999.9 - 99,999.99 - 9,999.999
    Values displayedPower - energy - flow rate - temperature - energy on reading date - reading date
  • Temperature input
    Temperature sensor typePt 500 / 2-wire
    Measuring cycleTs32
    Max. temperature differenceΔΘK+147
    Min. temperature differenceΔΘK+3
    Starting temperature differenceΔΘK+0.25
    Absolute temperature measurement rangeΘ°C0 ... 150
  • Supply voltage
    Operating voltageUNVDC3.0 (lithium battery)
    Battery lifetimeUp to 12 years
    Nominal powerPNμW30
  • Interfaces - Overview
    OpticalZVEI interface for communication, M-Bus protocol
    M-BusAccording to EN 1434-3. Data reading and parametrization are via two wires with polarity reversal protection. (Meter is powered with energy via M-Bus Master)
    Radio868 MHz, Real Data or Open Metering Standard (OMS)
    Pulse outputOutput for heat meters or cooling meters (energy / volume), for cooling-heat meters (energy cooling / energy heating or energy cooling / total volume), for heat-cooling meters (energy heating / energy cooling or energy heating / total volume)
  • Radio interface - Specification
    ProtocolReal Data (according EN 13757) or Open Metering Standard (OMS)
    Transmission powermW10
    Transmission intervalsec.64
    CommunicationIZAR OH BT and HYDRO-SET or IZAR@MOBILE
  • Volume- / energy pulse
    Output typeOpen collector
    Max. frequencyHz4
    Max. input voltageV30
    Max. input currentmA27
    Max. voltage drop at active outputV/mA2/27
    Max. current through inactive outputμA/V0.5/30
    Max. reverse voltage without destroying outputsV6
    Min. pulse durationms125
    Min. pulse breakms125
  • Product picture
    Standard M-Bus, PulseRadio
  • General
    Temperature range°C5 ... 90
    Ambient operating temperature°C0 ... 55
    Ambient storage temperature°C-20 ... 55
    Nominal pressurePNbar16
    Mounting positionIn any position, also up side down
    Cable length of temperature sensor - installation in return pipe1.5 m free / 0.4 m mounted in housing (forward sensor / return sensor)
    Cable length of temperature sensor - installation in forward pipe0.4 m mounted in housing / 1.5 m free (forward sensor / return sensor)
    ApprovalMID (DE-07-MI004-PTB030) and PTB TR K7.2 (DE-19-M-PTB-0001) for cooling meter
    Dynamic range (qp/qi)R1:25 / 1:50 / 1:100
  • Technical data
    Nominal diameterDNmm151520
    Nominal flow rateqpm³/h0.61.52.5
    Overall lengthLmm110110130
    Maximum flow rateqsm³/h1.235
    Permissible continuous load (HY)m³/h
    Minimum flow rateqil/h61151251
    Starting flow ratel/h1.5 - 23 - 45 - 6
    Pressure loss at qpΔpmbar243243242
    Pressure loss at qp for installation in rising pipesmbar
    Pressure loss at qp for installation in downpipesmbar
    Flow rate at 0.1 bar pressure lossm³/h0.3850.9621.607
    Flow rate at 0.1 bar pressure loss - rising pipesm³/h
    Flow rate at 0.1 bar pressure loss - downpipesm³/h
    Kvs value (Δp=Q2/Kvs2)
    1 at qp/qi 100
  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm151520
    Nominal flow rateqpm³/h0.61.52.5
    Overall lengthLmm110110130
    DiameterØ Bmm
    Overall length with couplingL2mm190190210
    Connection thread on meterInchG¾BG¾BG1B
    Connection thread of couplingInch
    Weight without couplingkg
    Weight with couplingkg
    Flange diameterDmm
    Hole circle diameterKmm
    Number of screwholespcs
    Screwhole diameterD1mm
    DiameterØ Bmm636363
    Weight without couplingkg0.90.91
    Weight with couplingkg
    Weight with flangeskg
  • Pressure loss graph / typical error graph
    Pressure loss graphTypical error graph