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Diehl Metering

As a strong partner for water and energy suppliers all over the world, Diehl Metering delivers innovative solutions for the sustainable use of natural resources and energy. Discover more in our Solution Movie.

Handling water and energy responsibly, avoiding water loss in the supply network (non-revenue water) and optimising processes, from meter reading through to billing, are matters of great concern for water and energy suppliers the world over - and Diehl Metering provides the solutions:

Thanks to integrated communication, our smart water, thermal energy, gas and electricity meters are ready for automatic reading (AMR) as soon as they are installed. Suppliers can record consumption data quickly and easily by means of the drive-by/walk-by process, making time-consuming meter reading appointments a thing of the past.

Reading can be fully automated through a fixed network: combined with IZAR software, the supplier can control and monitor the entire water network, which allows for the detection and localisation of leaks and, therefore, drastically reduces the workload.

The core component of all successful Diehl Metering system solutions is powerful IZAR RADIO technology. We have been successfully linking up meters - even those in challenging installation situations, such as in apartment buildings, in cellars and in shafts - for over 20 years now. With IZAR RADIO, Diehl Metering is taking water and energy suppliers into the digital age: the wireless technology is characterised by benefits such as interoperability, which permits the integration of smart metering infrastructures into complex smart city concepts. Diehl Metering - smart in solutions

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