Water utility companies in southern Brazil wager on the Diehl Metering technology

Diehl Metering Ltda

The technology developed by Diehl Metering is going to be part of the work of the main water utility companies in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.

Samae Blumenau head office

Casan, Samae de Blumenau, Águas de Joinville, Emasa Balneário Camboriu, Samae de Gaspar, Samae de Jaraguá do Sul, Samae de São Bento do Sul and Samae de Brusque have purchased equipments from the technological solutions industry in order to reduce the rates of loses and optimize consumption management.

2240 HYDRUS, the ultrasonic water meter, are among the metering products installed in houses and establishments, measuring consumption remotely by radiofrequency. HYDRUS offers enhanced reading precision and it is equipped with a lifetime usage battery that lasts up to 16 years. Among the list of products, there are even 4000 ALTAIR V4 water meter units, manufactured from composite raw material, a polymer resulting from a great deal of engineering research, making the device lighter and more resistant, yet with the same robustness of a metallic water meter.

According to Emerson Fontanelli, Sales Manager of Diehl Metering in Brazil, one of the main advantages of the ALTAIR V4 is its precision. “It is an enhancement in the development of conventional volumetric meters, due to its increased sensitivity and preciseness. It starts measuring water flow even under 1 liter per hour. No other meter on the market measures less than that”, he informed. Besides that, the ALTAIR V4 is modular and compatible with any AMR system.

Real time monitoring

Samae Blumenau (water utility company) also purchased 25 Radio Data Concentrators for the transmission of data automatically with the purpose of data management. They were strategically installed in supply locations inside of water reservoirs and thus using these devices, it will be possible to measure in real time the actual quantity of water being transferred to the population and then, the company will be able to better manage distribution and what is actually being consumed.