Diehl Metering Sales Office Sweden

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Now we’re right near to our customers in Sweden too

Stockholm - The economical and sustainable use of natural resources has a special meaning in Scandinavian countries, and this is why the demand for intelligent metering is similarly high. Thanks to real-time reading, Diehl Metering's solutions offer profound insights into end-user behaviour, support eco-friendly performance, and reveal possibilities for increasing efficiency. 

Intensive experience with Scandinavian markets

From 1 July 2016, Diehl Metering's sales office will be devoting itself entirely to the complex requirements of Swedish customers. Our products, services and new product developments are absolutely compatible with the current challenges of the Swedish market and we are very happy that we can offer high-performance solutions for Sweden. 

Expanding established collaboration

Thanks to many years of intensive collaboration with partners and customers in Denmark, Diehl Metering is very familiar with the needs of the region as, in the past, Swedish customers have also been looked after via Denmark. 

With our experience, our market expertise and our knowledge of customer requirements, we are now a strong partner on site. Together with our customers we our developing tailored energy-management solutions for them by once more living up to our "smart in solutions" claim in the Swedish market.