20 years of IZAR radio technology

Diehl Metering

The IZAR radio system is celebrating its birthday. 1996 – 2016 

The development of our own radio technology twenty years ago created a whole new market. Today, IZAR RADIO is a core component of all system solutions from Diehl Metering. The history of IZAR technology is shaped by continuous innovation and development - the new version, IZAR G4, will be launched onto the market this year. 

It began with a prototype test in 1995. As the potential of the new radio technology became clear, we began systematically investing in there search and development of the first compact version, IZAR R1, which was originally designed for water meters. This development would decisively change the metering industry because suddenly it was possible to reliably read meters via radio. And so IZAR technology became an important driving force behind the growth of our company. 

Using networks and synergies

When French company SAPPEL joined the Diehl Group, we were able to make a great technological break through regarding automatic meter reading. What was once only provided by suppliers could now be produced entirely by Diehl Metering at the Nuremberg site. 

With the IZAR R3, R3.5 and finally the R4 versions, IZAR RADIO had been developed significantly. We were now able to offer our customers mobile walk-by and drive-by reading methods as well as the stationary fixed network - or a combination of all of these. It soon became clear that IZAR RADIO reveals its real strengths when several types of energy are read using the same infrastructure. This cemented the foundation for our positionas a multi-utility solution provider. 

The complete IZAR product family

From intelligent meters for water, thermal energy, gas and electricity, through to software and system products, right on to energy services, IZAR radio technology is the common thread running through the entire range of services from Diehl Metering.  

When combined with IZAR software management tools, IZAR PLUS is the ideal complete solution for reading at several locations. By the way, the IZAR system has been named after a star. 

Over 40 million Diehl Metering IZAR radio products are in use across the globe. As a partner to water and energy suppliers throughout the world, Diehl Metering is continuously developing its patented IZAR radio technology: the new generation, IZAR G4, will be launched onto the market this year. After 20 years of IZAR radio technology, we have a lot of reasons to celebrate. 

Key dates 

1996: First radio system IZAR R1
1998: SAPPEL joins the HYDROMETER group
2003: First radio system IZAR R3 from Diehl Metering (Prios)
2004: Integration of HYDROMETER Electronic’s production at the Nuremberg site
2012: Presentation of the IZAR RC i R4 radio system
2016: Introduction of the new generation IZAR RC i G4