Diehl Metering software solution now available on Microsoft Azure

Diehl Metering

Our IZAR Meter Data Management software is now also available on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Simply visit the Azure Marketplace or click here

 Our IZAR software provides a central platform for all of your energy data. Make all your processes simpler and more cost-efficient – from meters and remote reading through to data management and comprehensive data analysis. Control your planning and monitoring, leakage recognition, network optimisation, automated billing and customer services.

Our IZAR software is available:

  • as a service (IZAR PLUS Portal);
  • for installation in your local environment (IZAR@NET);
  • now also for installation in your Microsoft Azure environment (IZAR@NET).

From now on you can find our IZAR software in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

IZAR@NET on Microsoft Azure has a wide range of benefits. One benefit is that no additional hardware is required to operate the software, because IZAR@NET is implemented directly into your existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure. As with other Azure applications, installation and management can easily be completed via the Azure Marketplace in just a few minutes. True to the motto “start small – grow fast”, you can easily expand your IZAR installation by adding additional IT resources such as processor power or memory using your Azure account.

Thanks to the combination of IZAR@NET and extensive Microsoft Azure applications, we will be able to offer you more value-added services in the future. For example, Smart Metering data can be merged with other sensor data in order to realise complex application scenarios in a Smart City environment – while of course also observing the data protection guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Leading the way with IZAR@NET on Microsoft Azure we are the first and only solution provider to make Smart Metering software available in the Azure Marketplace.

Learn more Get in contact with us or visit us on 13–15 November, 2018, at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

We are joining forces with Microsoft to present our smart metering solutions, including IZAR@NET on Azure, at booth 213 (the Microsoft booth) in Gran Via, hall P2.

Register now and learn more about our unique IZAR software solution. Use the code SCGENAT to gain access to more industry-relevant content. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Summary of your benefits of IZAR@NET on Microsoft Azure:

  • quick and simple installation in less than 5 minutes;
  • no additional IT hardware required, software runs directly on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure;
  • easy to expand for increasing installations in just seconds (“start small – grow fast”);
  • free choice of location and global access from 140 countries;
  • high level of security and customisable access security;
  • ready for future Smart City value-added services.