450,000 HYDRUS ultrasonic water meters for Jamaica

Diehl Metering

In December 2017, the National Water Commission (NWC) in Jamaica successfully signed a contract with Diehl Metering Germany for the delivery of 450,000 static water meters. 

This significant investment on the part of the NWC demonstrates their satisfaction with the 60,000 HYDRUS water meters already delivered to the Caribbean island. "Static ultrasonic measurement has become established as the new standard in the Caribbean in the last three years. All water usage is measured to a high degree of precision and shown transparently for the customer on the meter's display. The technology also recognises existing leaks and thereby sustainably reduces wastage of this important resource", said Stefan Räder, Caribbean Regional Manager from Diehl Metering. 

"Experience tells us that water suppliers in our region are behind the times when it comes to technology. This evolutionary step in the use of innovative measurement technology will take our industry to the next level", said Mark Barnett, President of the NWC. 

This is how they are talking about this extraordinary project in the Region:
Article of National Water Commission
Movie of contract signment