20 years IZAR Radio

Diehl Metering

Flashback to the anniversary party

Saint-Louis, France - Diehl Metering had the pleasure to welcome customers and partners on the 1st of July for the IZAR radio celebration. IZAR radio represents the technology that allowed Diehl Metering S.A.S (until the renaming in 2014 known as Sappel) to become a pioneer in radio meter reading in 1996. Due to the success of this technology Diehl Metering is able to provide Smart Metering Solutions for all utility metering (Water, Thermal Energy, Gas and Electricity). 

This event brought together over 200 participants. They visited the plant and participated in various workshops in the production and the assembly building. A museum around the radio topic and a media workshop with the IZAR movie and the new software IZAR@NET V2 crowned this event with success. 

More than 40 staff members were welcoming all Diehl Metering partners and customers. It was the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and future projects in a friendly atmosphere with people from everywhere around the world gathered at the same moment in the same place.