IZAR@MOBILE 2 is a software designed for fast and efficient mobile reading of IZAR radio modules and multi-energy smart meters. Its ergonomic interface makes its use intuitive and user-friendly. Furthermore, the map overview of the meters enables precise guidance during the tour reading. To benefit from all the software functionalities, IZAR@MOBILE 2 can be delivered pre-installed with IZAR TABLET. However, IZAR@MOBILE 2 functions with other Windows operating devices.
Connected to IZAR PLUS Portal or IZAR@NET 2 management software, IZAR@MOBILE 2 offers many enhanced features such as planning and management of multiple tours and remote or local data transfer.
IZAR@MOBILE 2 operates as well completely independently with its XLSX interface to import or export data.
IZAR@MOBILE 2 software can be flexibly adapted to your needs


  • Fast and efficient mobile reading
  • Multi-energy solution (water, energy, gas, electricity, temperature and humidity)
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly interface
  • Display of meter locations on a map
  • On site configuration of meters and system components
  • System requirements

    General requirements:
    • Administration rights with all security updates
    • Operating system (32/64 bits): Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate / Windows 8 / 8.1 Core, Pro or Enterprise / Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise
    • JAVA 1.8 (Java Runtime Environment) or higher

    Hardware requirements:
    • Display 1024x768 pixels minimum
    • Dual-core processor 1 GHz minimum
    • 2 GB RAM minimum
    • 5 GB free disk space
    • Integrated GPS for full map support
    • Bluetooth® interface for communication with IZAR OH BT or IZAR RECEIVER BT
    • LAN, WLAN interface for IZAR@NET 2 connection
    • USB, LAN, RS232 or modem to communicate with IZAR CENTER M-Bus master

  • General features

    • Interactive map for meter location to simplify tour reading
    • Dashboard for quick access to tours and configuration
    • XLSX import and export of up to 200 meters/tour (expandable up to 2,000 meters with XLSX 2000 module)
    • Meter replacement management together with IZAR PLUS PORTAL / IZAR@NET 2
    • Configuration of meters, modules and system devices incl. function to create, save and apply profiles

  • Available modules
    IZAR@MOBILE 2 - Mobile ReadingXLSX export and import of a tour with up to 200 meters for mobile reading, incl. SET Expert module
    IZAR@MOBILE 2 - XLSX 2000Expands the XLSX export and import of a tour up to 2,000 meters
    IZAR@MOBILE 2 - SET ExpertConfiguration of meters and system devices via IZAR OH BT or M-Bus master IZAR CENTER
  • Application screenshots