IZAR RDC STANDARD is a Radio Data Concentrator dedicated to the reading of IZAR radio system. Interoperability, data logging, remote configuration and the different versions make it a core product for smart metering project with a multi-utility approach.
IZAR RDC STANDARD is designed for deployment of Radio Fixed Network with automatic data transmission through GPRS or LAN technology.


  • Reading and metering data storage
  • Easy modular installation concept
  • Versions for 100 / 500 / 1000 meters
  • Compatibility with all the IZAR products and Diehl Metering integrated radios
  • Adjustable data logging (5 minutes to 24 hours)
  • Remote and local configuration
  • Secured data transfer to the FTP server (via GPRS or LAN)
  • Central firmware update designed for large deployment
  • Smart data filtering
  • Principle of operation

    IZAR RDC STANDARD collects the data sent by the IZAR radio modules in various protocols (PRIOS, OMS...) regardless of the type of fluid measured. The radio frames are recorded at defined intervals, using a list or a filtering function (eg water meters only). Meters data are sent to an FTP server at programmable intervals. These data are then processed automatically by a management software.
    It is possible to modify the setting or to update the firmware of the device via the FTP server.

  • General
    VersionGPRS or LAN
    HousingLight grey housing with smart and modular installation concept
    Possible mediaMulti energy (water, heat, gas, electricity...)
    AntennaInternal or external
    Device listUp to 100 / 500 / 1000 meters
    Data loggingAdjustable for individual meters (5 min ... 24 h)
    LED display2 LEDs for status display
    Radio rangeUp to 500 m
  • Technical data
    Frequency bandMHz868,95 or 434,475 (OMS, wMBUS [EN 13757-3/-4], PRIOS)
    InterfacesLAN, GPRS
    Logging capacity> 800,000 telegrams
    Power supplyV100 ... 230
    Typical power consumptionW3
  • Ambient conditions
    Operating temperature°C-20 ... + 65
    Storage temperature°C-25 … + 70
    Protection classIP 40
    Humidity%10 … 70 (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions

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