IZAR RC 868 i W R4

IZAR RC 868 i W R4



IZAR Radio Compact Inductive Waterbox R4 is designed for mobile and long-range fixed network remote reading of Diehl Metering water meters. IZAR RC i W R4 radio module can be clipped onto all the meters of the Diehl Metering inductive modular range (Ha+Ti or Ti), with a grey or red ring. It comprises a tamper proof sensor operating on inductive principle.
Easy to fit, IZAR RC i W R4 is field or factory programmable with the serial number of the associated meter. IZAR RC i W R4 radio module transmits the meter reading via a unidirectional link every 8 seconds in R3 mode and every 15 minutes in long-range fixed network R4 mode, allowing an efficient drive-by reading at 50km/h and an accurate fixed network.
IZAR RC i W R4 offers multiple functions (historical index value, remaining battery lifetime...) and alarms (leaks, meter stopped, backflow...). An internal data logger is readable via the IrDA interface, in case of consumer disputes.


  • Compact radio emitter 868 MHz designed for concentric meters
  • Suitable for mobile reading and long range fixed network
  • IP 68
  • Lifetime up to 15 years
  • Integrated data logger (up to 6 months memory)
  • 1 historical index value stored at predefined date to facilitate billing
  • Insensitive to magnetic fraud
  • Principle of operation

    IZAR RC i W R4 includes an electronic circuit that collects the data coming from a Diehl Metering water meter and transmits in real time the index and other operating information every 8 seconds in R3 mode and every 15 minutes in long-range fixed network R4 mode.

    Mobile reading in Walk-by / Drive-by / Passive Drive-by:
    The data sent by IZAR RC i W R4 is collected using either a Diehl Metering handheld computer or tablet equipped with an IZAR RECEIVER BT for Walk-by/Drive-by or an IZAR RDC VEHICLE for passive Drive-by. Data is then transferred directly to a centralized monitoring system.

    Fixed network :
    A fixed receiver IZAR RDC STANDARD/IZAR RDC BATTERY (fixed network R3) or IZAR RDC PREMIUM (long-range fixed network R4) installed in buildings will collect the data and send it at predefined intervals, via GPRS or LAN, to a centralized server. Reading through M-Bus application with an IZAR CENTER associated to an IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS and IZAR@NET 2 software, is possible as well.

    Data logger function:
    IZAR RC i W R4 has an integrated data logger that registers consumption at a regular intervals. In case of consumer dispute or for analysis purposes, data is available via the IrDA interface of the module and is transferred to the handheld or computer/tablet via a dedicated application. By default, the consumption backup interval is set to 30 minutes in the module, ensuring up to 6 months of historical values. This interval can be modified thanks to the same dedicated application.

  • Technical data
    Communication protocolPRIOS
    FrequencyMHz868,95 (R3 mode) and 868,30 (R4 mode)
    Transmission powermW16
    Transmission modeUnidirectional
    Radio rangeUp to 500 m (R3 mode) and up to 1.5 km (R4 mode) depending on the environment
    StandardsEN 300 220 | CE | RED directive | EN13757-3/-4
    Power supplyLithium battery 3.6V
    Battery lifetimeUp to 15 years*
    *Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theoretical lifetime, with no guarantee.
  • Ambient conditions
    Ambiant operating temperature°C-15 ... +55
    Storage temperature°C-20 ... +70
    Ambient humidity%0 ... 100
    Protection classIP68
  • Configuration
    InterfaceOptical IrDA
    FunctionsCurrent index | Historical index value | Remaining battery lifetime | Integrated datalogging
    Alarms managementLeak detection | Meter stopped | Overflow | Underflow | Backflow | Mechanical tampering
  • Data logger
    InterfaceIrDA + dedicated application working with handheld terminal and/or laptop computer/tablet
    ManagementIn case of consumer dispute, the 30 minutes saving interval set by default provides an average of 6 month’s consumption
  • Compatibility
    MetersDiehl Metering inductive modular range Ha+Ti or Ti. Pulse weight: DN 15 to 40 (1 litre) | DN 50 to 125 (10 litres) | DN 150 to 300 (100 litres)
  • Dimensions

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