IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR (phase out in progress)

IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR (phase out in progress)



The IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR can measure temperature and humidity. With its modern and inconspicuous design it is especially developed for in-house application. The hybrid and flexible sending scheme allows the operation with an IZAR RADIO mobile (WALK-BY or DRIVE-BY) and/or fixed network (wireless or wired) solution.


  • Simple installation
  • Modern and inconspicuous design
  • Fast set-up without software
  • Hybrid performance (for mobile reading and fixed network)
  • Battery powered with a lifetime up to 10 years
  • Wide temperature range for in-house application
  • Accurate intervals
  • Prinicple of operation

    The IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR is an electronic unit which measure humidity and temperature. The data is sent within an adjustable sending interval to a mobile or fixed network receiver (IZAR RDC, IZAR RECEIVER BT). The telegram is according to OMS specification.

    Mobile: The IZAR@MOBILE 2 TABLET collects the data in walk-by or drive-by mode in conjunction with the IZAR RECEIVER BT. The data for the reading route is sent directly to the central PC.

    Fixed: An IZAR RDC STANDARD or IZAR RDC PREMIUM collects and saves the data to transmit these to a central FTP server cyclically. The visualization can be done with IZAR@NET or IZAR PLUS PORTAL.

  • Technical Data
    Radio protocolOMS 3.0.1; Encryption Mode 5 with AES128bit Encryption
    Versions / frequency band868.95 MHz
    Transmission power10mW
    Transmission modeT-Mode and S-Mode
    Radio rangeUp to 600m depending on ambient conditions
    Programming interfaceDIP-switches
    Approval in compliance with standardEN 60950 Information technology equipment -
    Power supply2xAA-batteries (replaceable) included
    Battery lifetimeUp to 6 years (1min sending interval)
    Up to 12 years (15min sending interval); The lifetime depends significantly on the performance of the used battery
    Sending interval1min, 5min, 10min, 15min
    AccuracyTypically ±2% in the range of 20-80%; Typically ±0.3°C in the range of -10°C up to 55°C
    * The lifetime depends significantly on the performances of the battery and is not guaranteed.
  • Ambient Conditions
    Operating temperature°C-10...+55
    Operating humidity%20...80 (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions