AQUILA is a single jet meter specifically designed for measuring cold water in main metering market.
AQUILA is characterised by its accurate metering capability, particularly with low flow rates, its ruggedness and its resistance to clogging. Its profiled inlet nozzle makes it immune to disturbances in the piping before or after the meter.
Developed within the framework of the MID, AQUILA complies with the European regulations and holds a sanitary conformity certificate.
Modular, AQUILA may be fitted at any time with an IZAR clip-on module, converting it into a communicating meter ready for mobile or fixed (radio/wired) network reading.


  • DN 15
  • Q3=2.5 m3/h
  • MID approval up to R=200H & R=40V
  • Starting flow rate: < 6 l/h
  • Cold water
  • Composite body
  • Integrated plastic inlet filter
  • Tamper-proof ring
  • Metrological data
    Nominal diameterDNmm15151515
    Nominal flowrateQ3m3/h2.
    R standard*Q3/Q1200H-40V200H-40V200H-40V200H-40V
    Starting flowrate horizontall/h< 6< 6< 6< 6
    Minimum flowrate horizontalQ1l/h12.512.512.512.5
    Transition flowrate horizontalQ2l/h20202020
    Minimum flowrate verticalQ1l/h62.562.562.562.5
    Transition flowrate verticalQ2l/h100100100100
    Maximum flowrateQ4m3/h3.1253.1253.1253.125
    Head loss at Q3bar0.610.610.530.53
    Head loss at Q4bar0.950.950.800.80
    Kvs (deltaP=Q²/Kvs²)3.2013.2013.4983.498
    * other values on request - H=horizontal installation position / V=vertical installation position.
  • Approval
    MID approvalLNE-29388 | C3 type
    StandardsEN 14154 | ISO 4064 | OIML R49
    Sanitary conformityACS
  • Temperature and pressure
    Water temperature°C+0.1 ... +50
    Ambient operating temperature°C+1 ... +55
    Storage temperature°C-10 ... +55
    Nominal pressurePNbar16
  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm15151515
    Total heightH1mm92929292
    Thread connectionsGinch3/4"3/4" - 7/8"3/4"3/4"
  • Precision curve

    This technology doesn't require any straight length.

  • Option

    - Non-return valve

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