IZAR Radio Compact Hall is designed for mobile reading and fixed network remote reading of Diehl Metering meters. IZAR RC H radio module can be clipped onto all the meters of the Diehl Metering inductive modular range (Ha+Ti or Ha), with a blue ring.
Easy to fit, IZAR RC H is field or factory programmable with the identification number of the associated meter. IZAR RC H radio module transmits the meter reading via a unidirectional link every 8 seconds in mobile mode R3.
IZAR RC H offers multiple functions (historical index value, remaining battery lifetime...) and alarms (leaks, meter stopped, backflow...).

  • Compact radio transmitter
  • Compatible with a mixed or modular meter Hall
  • Available in 868 MHz and 434 MHz
  • IP 68
  • Battery lifetime up to 15 years
  • Different functions and alarms
  • Principle of operation

    IZAR RC H includes an electronic circuit that collect the data coming from a Diehl Metering water meter and transmits in real time the index and other operating information every 8 seconds in mobile mode R3.

    Walk-by / Drive-by / Passive Drive-by:
    The data sent by IZAR RC H is collected using either a Diehl Metering handheld computer* equipped with an IZAR RECEIVER BT for Walk-by/Drive-by or an IZAR RDC VEHICLE for passive Drive-by. Data is then transferred directly to a centralized monitoring system.

    Fixed network:
    A fixed receiver IZAR RDC STANDARD/IZAR RDC BATTERY (small area fixed network R3) installed in buildings, will collect the data, and send them at predefined intervals, via GPRS or LAN, to a centralized server. Reading through M-Bus application with an IZAR CENTER associated to an IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS and IZAR@NET 2 software, is possible as well.

    (*) IZAR system is also compatible with a tablet. Please contact us for more information.

  • Technical data
    Communication protocolPRIOS
    FrequencyMHz868 / 434
    Transmission powermW16
    Transmission modeUnidirectional
    Radio rangeUp to 500 m depending on the environment
    ApprovalEN 300 220, Directive RED, CE, EN 13757-3/-4
    Power supply1fixed lithium battery 3.6 V
    Battery lifetimeUp to 15 years *
    * Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theorical life, with no guarantee.
  • Ambient conditions
    Operating temperature range°C-15 ... +55
    Storage temperature range°C-20 ... +70
    Ambient humidity%0 ... 100
    Degree of protectionIP 68
  • Programming
    InterfaceOptical IrDA
    Alarms managementLeak detection | Mechanical and magnetic tampering | Meter stopped | Overflow | Underflow | Backflow | Historical index value
  • Compatibility
    MetersDiehl Metering modular range : Pulse weight DN15 to DN40 (1 liter) / Pulse weight DN50 to DN125 (10 liters) / DN150 to DN300 (100 liters)
  • Dimensions