IZAR@MOBILE 2 for Android™

IZAR@MOBILE 2 for Android™


IZAR@MOBILE 2 for Android™ is a software designed for rapid and efficient mobile reading of IZAR radio modules and multi-energy smart meters. To benefit from all the software functionalities, IZAR@MOBILE 2 is delivered with IZAR HANDHELD for Android portable terminal. Its ergonomic and intuitive interface is optimized by the size of its touch display.
IZAR@MOBILE 2 software, connected to IZAR PLUS PORTAL or IZAR@NET 2 software, offers many enhanced features such as planning of multiple tours and transfer of remote or local data. IZAR@MOBILE 2 for Android™ software supports also on-site configuration of meters and system devices.

  • Rapid and performant mobile reading
  • Multi-energy solution (water, heat, cold, gas and electricity meters)
  • Different reading modes available (automatic, alarms, detailed…)
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly interface
  • Manual or radio reading software
  • General features

    - Performant automatic radio reading
    - Manual meter reading
    - Up to 2,000 meters per tour reading
    - Transfer of up to 100 tours per portable terminal
    - Different reading modes (automatic, auto extended, alarms and detailed)
    - Local (USB) or remote (FTP server) tour data transfer
    - Tour upload/download with IZAR@NET 2 / IZAR PLUS PORTAL and USB, LAN, WLAN interface
    - Configuration of IZAR RADIO COMPACT modules and IZAR RADIO EXTERN PULSE
    - Radio and optical control of meters and system devices (IZAR modules, SHARKY, HYDRUS…)
    - Bluetooth® communication with IZAR OH BT or IZAR RECEIVER BT
    - User-friendly interface for an intuitive use
    - Dashboard for quick access to tours and details
    - Tour analysis features directly on site
    - Geocoding features with integrated GPS

  • Application screenshots
    DashboardTour list viewTour detailed viewConfiguration view