ESSILOR – The giant of ophthalmic lenses, sets up a water-saving programme

Diehl Metering

The industrial group and global leader in ophthalmic optics ESSILOR has chosen Diehl Metering to set up a fixed network required for the deployment of its water-saving programme at its production facilities.

ESSILOR ophthalmic lenses are high-tech products requiring numerous stages of manufacturing to achieve a very high level of quality. Making 500 million lenses per year requires the use of high-quality water in significant quantities, at different steps of the process. As part of the continual improvement of its environmental management approach, for several years, ESSILOR has been conducting an innovative water-management program. The aim is to act responsibly in order to ensure that business development goes hand in hand with environmental protection.

Based on a set of best practices implemented at its sites, in 2015 ESSILOR decided to take a structured approach aiming for the rapid deployment of these solutions ; which have become eco-design standards within the Group. The process has 5 steps: measuring, reducing, reusing, recycling and processing. At the same time, ESSILOR launched a pilot project at its French facility in Provins, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this reinforced approach. After precisely mapping out the different ways water is used, i.e. for pre-treatment, process, sanitary and post-treatment purposes, etc., the site modelled the consumption of each type of use. This resulted in a list of the strategic metering points (water mapping). Diehl Metering intervened by offering a water metering solution based on a complete fixed network combining volumetric, single-jet and ultrasonic technologies for the installed meters. The system solution is based on IZAR RC i 868 R4 radio technology combined with an RDC receiver and the data processing software IZAR@NET. This network also features IZAR Temp and IZAR RE AIR temperature sensors and the IZAR BE PULSE smart accessory.

The data management software IZAR@NET, installed on-site, sends information hour-by-hour according to the configuration of ESSILOR. Water consumption monitoring reveals variations in comparison with a standard consumption rate per lens produced, called the Water Model, and instantly adjusts the action plan (eco-driving). The implementation of the IZAR@NET solution, combined with the Water Model, greatly contributed to the excellent results obtained by the facility in Provins, which reduced its water consumption per lens produced by 50% in just one year. Thanks to this demonstration, the ESSILOR Group has decided to deploy this new method on a large scale.

As Diehl Metering's technical teams provided support to develop a standard basic configuration (standardisation of the equipment and of the programming of IZAR@NET) and to carry out the installation at the first site, ESSILOR's staff will be able to complete the next installation projects autonomously.