Diehl Metering contributes to the drinking water supply project in Bamako the capital of Mali

Diehl Metering

Improving access to drinking water for inhabitants of Mali is one of the priorities set by the African Development Bank in Abidjan (ADB). In 2016, the donors of the African continent met the teams of Diehl Metering and its Malian partner FGT (Faso General Technology) as part of a project to increase the availability of drinking water for about 1 million residents in Bamako.

The SOMAPEP (Malian Heritage and Drinking Water Company) and the SOMAGEP (Malian Potable Water Management Company) are responsible for the project management and the operation of the network. 

The collaboration between Diehl Metering and its partner FGT will contribute to a sustainable and efficient management of the water service developed for the city. In concrete terms, the project consists of supplying the town of Bamako with drinking water from the town of Kabala. It is within this framework that Diehl Metering supplies some 32,500 single jet AURIGA DN15 water meters whose metrology is approved R160 and a technical assistance.  

AURIGA DN15 is equipped with an anti-fog system for optimal readability in all extreme climatic conditions. In order to optimize the network and to fight non-revenue waters, a mobile solution for the meter reading is considered. Modular, the AURIGA DN15 meters can be equipped at any time with the IZAR radio. In the first phase, approximately 2,000 reading points will be monitored in detail thanks to the management software: IZAR@NET 

Partners for more than 10 years, Diehl Metering and FGT are taking part in these major challenges of water management on the African continent, including access to water for all, control of consumption and reduction of losses. 

"In terms of metering, we chose Diehl Metering products ten years ago, the reliability and performance of which is no longer to be proved: no blocked meter, anti-fraud collar, perfect readability. For all these reasons, we did not hesitate to renew our confidence in the Bamako water management project. With the very rapid increase in the number of subscribers, we know that we will have to opt for an automatic meter reading solution in the near future. To do so, the best partner to support us will once again be Diehl Metering, which offers an efficient and simple installation and radio solution. A project of 30,000 new subsidized connections will soon be launched; a project for which we are looking for a new partnership with Diehl Metering for the supply of meters that are appreciated by our customers. ". Mr. Abdoulaye Diarra, Manager of Faso General Technology (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) and of the FGT / SOSAF SARL group (Bamako, Mali).