Diehl Metering

The latest product in the range of single-jet meters

After launching the small-sized AURIGA meter in 2015, Diehl Metering has added the DN25 model to its range. Feedback on the AURIGA DN15 and DN20 meters, in Africa in particular, with numerous installation constraints, difficult weather conditions and a high rate of fraud, enabled the development of this new meter with a medium diameter.

A true concentration of technology and performance, AURIGA DN25 is undoubtedly the very best product on the single-jet meter market. R=160 approved, the register is available in glass or plastic, according to the installation environment. The body of the meter also features an anti-fraud clamp that makes it possible to prevent any damage to the grey ring.

Designed for the French markets as a main meter and for the Global South, AURIGA DN25 will be available starting in July 2017. It is the first meter of the AURIGA 25-40 series.