1 Million HYDRUS Ultrasonic Water Meters installed in Saudi Arabia

Diehl Metering
1 Million HYDRUS Ultrasonic Water Meters installed in Saudi Arabia 1 Million HYDRUS Ultrasonic Water Meters installed in Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia home of the head office of Abunayyan Trading.

Since 2008, Diehl Metering and Abunayyan Trading have worked together to achieve Smart Solutions in the Metering segment in Saudi Arabia. Since then, Diehl Metering has supported the initiatives of Abunayyan Trading -one of the leaders in the water and electricity business in Saudi Arabia-, to increase the sustainability of water and electricity through innovative and technological solutions.  

1 Million HYDRUS installed in almost 20 Fixed Networks ensures the control of water networks

Through the 10 years partnership with Abunayyan Trading, Diehl Metering has provided innovative solutions able to cope with the environmental and technical challenges in the Water System. Nowadays, there are almost 20 Fixed Networks installed and 1 million HYDRUS connected around Saudi Arabia. Thanks to this, utilities have succeeded with their measurements obtaining reliable and up-to-date information.

Largest Fixed Network solution in Al-Qassim

One of the milestones in this collaboration has been the installation of the largest Fixed Network in the region of Al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia. Due to the limited availability of water, one of the objectives of this project was to increase the sustainability of this resource. Diehl Metering provided a solution for different needs with the installation of 105.000 HYDRUS water meters. Among which, one of the biggest challenges was to reduce the water losses deriving from the leakages. The Network Solution allows the utility to have timely detection of the leakages, reducing the losses of non-revenue water. Furthermore, unlike the mechanical meters, the HYDRUS meters allowed an accurate measurement despite the difficult conditions of the pipelines. This upgrade in meters resulted in an efficiency improvement, in which the utility receives updated data automatically every two hours. The Smart Solutions of Diehl Metering have helped Water Qassim to save money, resources and time.

New plant in Saudi Arabia for local production

In November 2018, Diehl Metering and Abunayyan Holding will consolidate their partnership with the construction of a new plant in Saudi Arabia. Besides strengthening the relationship between both companies, this plant will be a remarkable achievement in Saudi Arabia as the first state of the art assembly plant of Smart Metering with German technology in the country. 

These achievements have been possible thanks to the trust from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) and National Water Company (NWC) in Saudi Arabia, and are the result of a successful and dedicated partnership between Diehl Metering and Abunayyan Holding.