The European Week for Waste Reduction, an annual meeting for Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering
A process: the injection of plastic partsA process: the injection of plastic parts
A process: the injection of plastic parts

As every year, Diehl Metering/France took part in the European Week of Waste Reduction, which took place from 17 to 25 November 2018. The goal of this week is to make everyone aware of the need to reduce the amount of waste generated and give all the keys to act on a daily basis at home, at the office or at school. Sensitive to the question of “Living our social responsibility”, Diehl Metering/France asked all its employees throughout the week to encourage them to continue and develop all their waste reduction efforts and actions.

In its own way, Diehl Metering/France ended the week with its “Quality Initiatives” on November 26, 2018. Indeed, as every year since 2014, they are organized within the EWWR (European Week of Waste Reduction) framework because we are convinced that by improving quality, we reduce waste! These initiatives were divided into 3 workshops on the theme of “processes” and reached a participation rate of 83%!