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Diehl opens doors to the IoT World of EEBus

Diehl Controls, Connectivity Solutions

With the goal of bringing not only the connectivity to the devices but also ensure the communication between them, Diehl developed the first Gateway Solution based on the EEBus technology. An important step in the standardization of energy management in the home and the Internet of Things (IoT).  

“Based on the EEBus standards, our Gateway –the central unit- controls the decentralized energy management which networks the private home with external energy providers and manufacturers of electronic appliances,” says Robert Tippmann of Diehl Controls. “With our solution, we are opening the doors to a world in which supply and demand can be automatically regulated in the energy market and thanks to the Internet of Things, allows the freezer to communicate with the solar power system.” 

As big as a paperback book, developed with intelligent technology and packed in a fine design - that's how Diehl is presenting the first Gateway solution for decentralized energy management in the home. Diehl Controls integrated the EEBus Standard together with the KEO GmbH, a company in the Kellendonk Group. The company is specialized in the integration of EEBus standards in electronic devices and machines. The standard originated from the EEBus Initiative e.V. to which more than 50 leading brands and innovation drivers from the Energy, Home & Building, Connected Devices (domestic appliances, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation) and connected car belong today. 

“With the Diehl central unit, the electronic industry has an EEBus Gateway which connects various participants homogeneously for decentralized energy management – all across Germany and soon, internationally,” says Peter Kellendonk, Managing Director of KEO GmbH. “Our implemented EEBus standard forms a connecting language leaving the up to now confusing language of specific sectors and technology behind and makes the access to millions of devices possible. The fact that, for example, services can function independently from device technology and sector specific bus systems gives the assurance that the products will also be compatible with the future market. 

Diehl Controls does not distribute their EEBus Gateway themselves but rather through partners from the electronic and energy industry. For example, producers of domestic appliances could adjust the Gateway to the specific customer needs whether it is a technical adaptation or a brand specific design. The data processing can also be freely selected: the EEBus Gateway can transmit the collected data from various IT infrastructures – either propriety hardware or in a Cloud. Diehl Controls recently concluded a Cloud partnership with IBM and has world-wide access to the Cloud resources of the leading IT company. 



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