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1. Plugfest of the EEBus Initiative in Offenbach

Diehl Controls, Connectivity Solutions

Device networking of 15 manufacturers from different industries is a decisive step for the EEBus concept towards international standardization for Smart Home.  

In a thus far unique application, 15 market-leading companies presented the interoperability of their products intended for market out of the area of home networking over two days. The applications were implemented in the scope of the first Pflugfest from the EEBus Initiative at the VDE Institute in Offenbach. “The good result with the networking of so many participants under real conditions shows that the underlying EEBus Concept once again proved its suitability and effectiveness in practice,” said Peter Kellendonk, Chairman of the EEBus Initiative. “That is an important step on the way to international standardization in the areas of Smart Home and Smart Grid.” 

Participating in the comprehensive networking presentation were: 

- System suppliers (Diehl, SMA, Busch, Jaeger, Frauenhofer) 

- Inverter supplier (Kostal)  

- Household appliance manufacturers Bosch and Siemens as well as Miele 

- Heating companies Vaillant and Wolf (Heater) 

- Companies in the Gateway technology (Intel, Murata, Devolo) 

- Companies from the energy industry (MVV - Beegy, Ebee) 

- Companies from the area of payments and transaction systems (Worldline) 

- One electric car (a BMW Active E) was also a part of the application presentation. 

The test engineers from the VDE Institute could verify the interoperability of the participant's devices with the help of the VDE Test System. This procedure assures customers and network partners that the information exchange between the products intended for market also works in everyday situations. A smooth communication is only possible when this is done under the same conditions and with testing of the concrete collaboration between future series devices.



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