We take responsibility - for people and the environment.

We are facing major challenges: climate change, globalisation and digitisation call for a rethink in all areas of life. This applies to our dealings with nature, our social co-existence - but of course also to our entrepreneurial actions. We accept the challenges, stand up for human rights, focus on people and build partnerships. In this context, we always pay attention to ethical conduct through strict adherence to our Diehl Corporate Compliance Guidelines.

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals - they are both essential ingredients for long term success

Bill Ford

In 2005, more than a decade ago, Diehl Metering presented its first ECO Design concept for the development of sustainable products. Today we provide smart solutions for the responsible use of water and energy. Our intelligent measurement technology supports our customers with environmentally friendly consumption patterns and thus saves valuable resources. This benefits our customers, end users - and the environment. We assume social responsibility. That is why we align our corporate social responsibility with the central themes of the ISO 26000 standard. Get to know us better by activating the segments of our commitment!


  • Diehl Metering believes that education and culture are the foundations of socioeconomic development and that they are part of the identity of a community. This is why Diehl Metering France attaches great importance to actions aimed at young people.


    Partnership with middle schools and high schools
  • Fighting climate change and controlling energy consumption, quantifying and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions has become a strategic priority, in the interest of the greater good. Since 2007, Diehl Metering has been implementing, in France, a certain number of social, economic and environmental actions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (eco-design, raising staff awareness, ISO 14001 certification, energy assessment, and more).  

    Reducing greenhouse gases
  • 800 million people in rural areas of the world lack access to drinking water. This is why 1001fontaines aims to improve the health of these people, by providing them with clean drinking water. Thanks to donations and to the support of numerous partners such as Diehl Metering, the NGO 1001fontaines wants to take action in countries where water is unsafe to drink, and provide families with access to drinking water. 

    Drinking water, for all.
  • In a society where progress is non-stop, the use of new wireless technologies are developing constantly. From technical and professional equipment to the objects of everyday life, the users and the public are increasingly exposed to the emission of electromagnetic waves.

    IZAR radio in its enviroment