1862: The beginnings

Neptun is founded in WrocławNeptun is founded in Wrocław

Neptun is founded in Wrocław

Diehl Metering can look back on a long history that goes back into the early years of industrialisation: In 1862, Neptun is founded in Wrocław as a foundry producing fittings for water and gas installations – this is also where the world’s first Woltman bulk water meter is developed and produced in 1895.

Neptun becomes HydrometerNeptun becomes Hydrometer

Neptun becomes Hydrometer

In 1912 the company is renamed as Hydrometer Breslauer Wassermesserfabrik. Even today, industry experts still consider this name a guarantee of high-quality metering and reading technology.   

From Wrocław to AnsbachFrom Wrocław to Ansbach

From Wrocław to Ansbach

The company takes a significant step in 1951: the Middle Franconian town of Ansbach becomes the new headquarters of Hydrometer. The relocation provides Hydrometer with space, technological opportunities and strategic prospects for developing into a company of international standing. Approximately 480 development, production and sales employees still work at the three hectare site today. 

1970: The start of a successful story

1,000,000 water meters1,000,000 water meters

1,000,000 water meters

The 1,000,000th water meter rolled off the production line in Ansbach in 1970, heralding the start of a successful decade. A continual increase in orders leads to the necessity for extensive production plant building.

1989: Flow meter sets a milestone

New technological standardNew technological standard

New technological standard

An innovation developed in-house sets the new technological standard for the years to come: Hydrometer receives the PTB accreditation for an electronic flow meter. Furthermore, the 4,000,000th Bavarian produced water meter is celebrated.

1991: The Hydrometer Group is created

Production plant opens in ApoldaProduction plant opens in Apolda

Production plant opens in Apolda

Following the reunification of Germany, in 1991 Hydrometer GmbH founds a production plant in Apolda for the mass production of domestic water meters in order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality meters. In the same year, a testing laboratory for residential and individual domestic water meters was certified in Apolda.  

Sappel (France) and Mirometr (Poland) are incorporatedSappel (France) and Mirometr (Poland) are incorporated

Sappel (France) and Mirometr (Poland) are incorporated

1998 sees the strategic expansion of the Hydrometer Group: Renowned French company Sappel and the Polish subsidiary Mirometr are taken over. Diehl Metering S.A.S., formerly Sappel, constructs and produces water meters and radio-based reading systems.

EWT (Austria) is incorporatedEWT (Austria) is incorporated

EWT (Austria) is incorporated

The strategic expansion continues in 2001 with the incorporation of Austrian company ELIN Wasserwerkstechnik GmbH as well as the Hungarian water meter manufacturer MOM. The Vienna-based market leader for water meter technology EWT is a pioneer in the radio-based reading sector. The Mátészalka-based measurement technology specialist MOM has for decades been the market leader in Hungary and holds a strategically key position with regard to East European markets.

SAPPEL do Brasil is founded in BrazilSAPPEL do Brasil is founded in Brazil

SAPPEL do Brasil is founded in Brazil

The first South American site is founded in 2002: Headquartered in the port town of Recife, SAPPEL do Brasil is responsible for the production and sales of innovative measurement technology for the South American market – and has a correspondingly important strategic function. 

Hydrometer Metering, Jinan/ChinaHydrometer Metering, Jinan/China

Hydrometer Metering, Jinan/China

In 2004, Hydrometer (Shandong) Metering is founded in Jinan in order to coordinate all activities in the growth market of China. The founding of what is now Diehl Metering (Jinan) Co. Ltd. in 2007 ensures the production and sales to European and Chinese standards – furthered by an own production site for ultrasonic heat meters. 

Diehl Middle East, Dubai/UAEDiehl Middle East, Dubai/UAE

Diehl Middle East, Dubai/UAE

In 2006, Diehl Middle East is founded in Dubai in order to expand the company’s presence in the MENA region. Now known as Diehl Metering FZE, the company delivers measurement technology and services for water, thermal energy, gas and electricity from one source in this ecologically extremely demanding region. 

2006: France celebrates its 100th year

100-year company anniversary, France100-year company anniversary, France

100-year company anniversary, France

Sappel, now known as Diehl Metering S.A.S. celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2006: Founded in 1906 as “Paris Ignicole”, the company was bought up by the Swiss company SIGNUM AG in 1936 and renamed “Sappel”. Headquartered in Saint-Louis, France, this specialist company for water, thermal energy and gas metering was taken over by the Hydrometer Group in 1998. 

2010: Diehl Metering as a corporate division

Diehl Metering becomes a corporate division of the Diehl GroupDiehl Metering becomes a corporate division of the Diehl Group

Diehl Metering becomes a corporate division of the Diehl Group

2010 is a very significant year in the company’s history: Diehl Metering becomes an official corporate division of the Diehl Group alongside the existing corporate divisions of Metal, Controls, Defence and Aerosystems. Founded as an art foundry in Nuremberg in 1902, the Diehl family business now employs around 16,300 staff and generates an annual turnover of 3 billion euros.

Diehl Gas MeteringDiehl Gas Metering

Diehl Gas Metering

With the founding of Diehl Gas Metering in 2010, the corporate division now has its own skills centre for gas metering in the Middle Franconian town of Ansbach. Diehl Gas Metering GmbH develops and produces gas meters within the Diehl Metering Group, for example the AERIUS product line, which is based on microthermal flow measurement.

Diehl Metering, DenmarkDiehl Metering, Denmark

Diehl Metering, Denmark

The Danish sales branch Diehl Metering ApS is founded in 2011. This arises from a long and intensive cooperation with Hydrometer GmbH. The employees of Diehl Metering ApS take care of the increased demand from the Danish market for innovative ultrasonic technology and systems engineering.

2012: Germany celebrates its 150th year

150-year company anniversary in Germany150-year company anniversary in Germany

150-year company anniversary in Germany

In 2012, the Hydrometer Group celebrates its 150-year anniversary – the company dates back to the early years of industrialisation: The company is founded in Wrocław in 1862; the world’s first Woltman meter is produced in 1895. In 1912 the company is renamed “Hydrometer Breslauer Wassermesserfabrik”. From 1951 onwards, the Hydrometer Group – now Diehl Metering – is based in Ansbach. 

Founding of Diehl Metering, Great BritainFounding of Diehl Metering, Great Britain

Founding of Diehl Metering, Great Britain

In 2013 the British sales office, Diehl Metering Ltd., is founded in Manchester, England, to meet the specific technological requirements of customers in the UK. Diehl Metering Ltd. provides innovative metering solutions, adapts them to the local conditions and also provides services and technical support.   

2015: Expansion into new markets

Diehl Metering as a strong brandDiehl Metering as a strong brand

Diehl Metering as a strong brand

The company’s fusion to create the strong international brand Diehl Metering takes place at the turn of the year 2014/15. Since 2010, Diehl Metering has been a corporate division of the Diehl Group alongside the existing corporate divisions of Metal, Controls, Defence and Aerosystems. Diehl Metering stands for high-quality, innovative solutions as well as the economically and environmentally friendly use of natural resources and energy.

Founding of Diehl Metering, SingaporeFounding of Diehl Metering, Singapore

Founding of Diehl Metering, Singapore

In 2015, a branch is opened in Singapore: Diehl Metering Pte. Ltd. is responsible for looking after the markets in South East Asia. The spectacular CapitaGreen building in downtown Singapore proves to be the ideal choice for the branch offices as this smart and environmentally friendly complex perfectly reflects Diehl Metering’s philosophy. Singapore’s geographically advantageous location offers Diehl Metering Pte. Ltd. the benefit of being able to deliver support to local customers while simultaneously developing a better understanding of the region’s requirements.

2016: 20 years of IZAR RADIO

20 years of radio expertise20 years of radio expertise

20 years of radio expertise

The IZAR radio system celebrates its 20th birthday in 2016. 1996 – 2016. The development of our own radio technology twenty years ago by what was then Hydrometer GmbH created a whole new market. Today, IZAR RADIO is a core component of all successful system solutions from Diehl Metering. From intelligent meters for water, thermal energy, gas and electricity, through to software and system products, right on to energy services, our continually developed IZAR radio technology is a steadfast component of Diehl Metering’s service portfolio.  

Founding of Diehl Metering, SwedenFounding of Diehl Metering, Sweden

Founding of Diehl Metering, Sweden

In 2016, Diehl Metering opened a new sales office in Sweden with the aim of conquering further attractive growth markets. Thanks to intensive cooperation with Scandinavian partners and customers through the Danish sales branch Diehl Metering ApS, founded in 2011, Diehl Metering is well acquainted with the demands of this region. 

Founding of Spain sales office Founding of Spain sales office

Founding of Spain sales office

Since the first of 2016, the Spain office located in Madrid became an entity of Diehl Metering in its own right: Diehl Metering S.L. Diehl Metering/Spain is mainly in charge of Spanish and Portuguese markets. 

Founding of USA sales officeFounding of USA sales office

Founding of USA sales office

The sales office in Naperville USA was founded in 2017 in order to expand the company’s presence in the rapidly increasing US market. As intelligent networks are very much on the rise in North America, sales company Diehl Metering LLC offers customers the entire process chain from meters to data management from one single source.