Meter for measuring heavily fluctuating flow rates.

  • Calibratable and exchangeable measuring insert in one unit, suitable for calibration comprising: measuring insert as main meter, switch-over valve, measuring capsule as bypass meter
  • Electronic sensor control for recording flow rate
  • Lithium battery, lifetime up to 12 years
  • Optical ZVEI interface equipped as standard
  • Adjustable reading date for billing
  • Rotatable integrator
  • Single-line 7-digit display for easy meter reading
  • Ideal design of housing and housing cover prevents sedimentation, stagnant water and air pockets
  • Bypass line integrated in housing cover. No risk of sedimentation or corrosion.
  • No measuring errors in the switch-over range
  • In order to secure a safe switch-over the WESAN WPV E needs a minimum ingoing pressure of 0.6 bar
  • Electronic - Basic features
    Ambient classOIML R49 class C / MID E2 + M2
    Protection classIP 54 or IP 68
    Interfaces standardOptical ZVEI
    Interfaces optional1M-Bus, L-Bus, pulse
    1 Possible combinations
    - M-Bus / pulse / pulse
    - L-Bus / forward pulse
    - only M-Bus (IP 54, standard delivery without M-Bus cable)

    Note: HYDRO-SET Software for configuration of meters, readout of measured values and printout of meter logs. Available under www.diehl.com/metering (Products - downloads)
  • Display
    Display indicationLCD, 7-digit
    Unitm³/h - l/h - m³ - l
    Total values9,999.999 - 999,999.9 - 99,999.99 - 9,999.999
    Values displayedFlow rate
  • Volume- / Pulse open collector
    Max. frequencyHz90
    Max. input voltageV30
    Max. input currentmA27
    Max. voltage drop at active outputV/mA2/27
    Max. current through inactive outputμA/V5/30
    Max. reverse voltage without destroying outputsV6
    Pulse durationms5.5
    Min. pulse pausems5.5
  • Supply voltage
    Operating voltageUNVDC3.0 (lithium battery)
    Battery lifetimeUp to 12 years
    Nominal powerPNμW30
  • Interface - Overview
    OpticalZVEI interface for communication, M-Bus protocol
    M-BusAccording to EN 1434-3. Data reading and parametrization are via two wires with polarity reversal protection.
    L-BusInterface for the radio module IZAR RADIO EXTERN
    PulseOutput for volume (open collector)
  • Pulse interface - Specification
    Pulse ratesl/pulseDecadic 1 ... 1000
    Display1 digit after comma
    Pulse value 1l/pulse1 (factory setting)
    Pulse value 2l/pulse100 (factory setting)
    Pulse variantsTwo forward pulses (factory settings); one forward and one backward pulse; pulse and direction signal
  • General
    Temperature range°C1 ... 30
    Temperature safety°C1 ... 50
    Ambient operating temperature°C1 ... 55
    Ambient storage temperature°C1 ... 55
    Nominal pressurePNbar161
    Display range0.05 l ... 999,999 m³
    1 versions with different nominal pressure on request (see also special versions)
  • Technical data
    Nominal diameterDNmm5080100
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h2563100
    Minimum flow rateQ1l/h404040
    Transition flow rateQ2l/h636464
    Overload flow rateQ4m³/h31.2578.75125
    Starting flow ratel/h151515
    Permanent flow rate bypass meterQ3m³/h444
    Switch-over flow rate risingm³/h2.22.72.4
    Switch-over flow rate fallingm³/h0.91.11.2
  • Approval
    Nominal diameterDNmm5080100
    MID (DE-16-MI001-PTB002)
    Dynamic range (Q3/Q1)R63016002500
    Potable waterKTW / W270KTW / W270KTW / W270
  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm5080100
    Overall length (DIN 19625)Lmm270300360
    Overall length (DIN ISO 4064)Lmm-300350
    Flange diameterDmm165200220
    Hole circle diameterKmm125160180
    Number of screwholespcs48 / 48
    Screwhole diameterD1mm181818
    Height to remove measuring insertmm245280280
    DiameterØ Bmm110110110
    Weight of complete meterkg17.425.529
    Weight of measuring insertkg6.39.39.3
  • Special versions

    - Versions with different nominal pressure on request
    - Special flange holes on request

  • Pressure loss graph / Typical error graph
    Pressure loss graphTypical error graph