For extracting water from underground and stand hydrants.

  • Outstanding long-term accuracy through hydraulic bearing relief
  • Complete head unit with counter and sensors can be rotated by 350° for easier reading
  • Encapsulated counter of glass/copper IP 68
  • Integrated measurement outputs as standard
  • Sensors for remote readout (digital) and flow measurement (analogue) can be retrofitted on site
  • Version thread or solid coupling
  • General
    Medium temperature range°C1 ... 30
    Temperature safety°C1 ... 50
    Ambient operating temperature°C1 ... 55
    Ambient storage temperature°C1 ... 55
    Nominal pressurePNbar16
    Display range0.5 l ... 999,999 m³
    Protection classIP 68
  • Technical data
    Nominal diameterDNmm50801
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h40100
    Overload flow rateQ4m³/h50125
    Transitional flow rateQ2m³/h1.021.6
    Minimum flow rateQ1m³/h0.631
    Starting flow ratel/h90160
    Flow rate at 0.1 bar pressure lossm³/h35115
    1 only available without approval
  • Approval
    Nominal diameterDNmm50801
    MID (DE-13-MI001-PTB005)-
    1 only available without approval
  • Pulse outputs
    Reed switch 5702 - pulse value 1l/pulse100
    Reed switch 5702 - pulse value 2l/pulse1000
    Special pulse value3l/pulse25 / 50 / 250 / 500
    IR pulse transmitter 5732l/pulse1
    2 for more information about reed switch 570 and IR pulse transmitter 573 please have a look at the specific datasheet
    3 on request, see also special versions
  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm50801
    Overall lengthLmm200300
    Overall length with couplingL2mm245336
    Connection thread on meterInchG2G2½
    Solid couplingCB
    DiameterØ Bmm110110
    Width with carrying devicemm180180
    Weight - version threadkg4.35.7
    Weight - version solid couplingkg4.86.4
    1 only available without approval
  • Special versions

    - With B or C coupling on request
    - With non-return valve on request
    - Special pulse values on request

  • Pressure loss graph / Typical error graph
    Pressure loss graphTypical error graph