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Let us take you into the world of digitisation. You can expect interesting contributions on innovative topics from our guest speakers.

Supply management 4.0 - Megatrends in the energy market
  • Megatrends & Regulatory Trends as Foundation for challenges in the Energy Market New Business Models in energy market & intelligent Buildings to create end consumer attraction in an changing environment.

    Matthias Deeg, Dipl.-Ing., is Principal at Horváth & Partners. He is responsible for energy business, where the main activities are running in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

      New IoT communication technologies for Smart Networks and Smart Cities
      • The talk will cover advances on telecommunication technology for applications in IoT, smart cities and smart grids. Emphasis will be given to the requirements posed by massive networks in such applications, and the technical approaches for massive connectivity offered by new communication technologies. Coexistence, interoperability and standardization issues will also be addressed.

        Andrea Tonello is professor of embedded communication systems at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. He is a distinguished lecturer of IEEE. He was the chair of the IEEE technical committee on Power Line Communication and the general chair of IEEE SmartGridComm 2014.

        NB-IoT as standard in public networks for utility applications
        • As Narrow‐Band‐IoT is becoming one of the most promising Low‐Power & Wide‐Area (LPWA) technologies for IoT applications this speech will reflect on the highlights regards benefits, rollout status in Europe and Key strategies of major network operators. A view on the maturity of the E2E Eco‐system and use‐cases including examples of running projects will complete this introduction of NB‐IoT.

          Mr. Haas is CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and member of the management board of Huawei Germany. He is responsible for solution sales for all carrier products & solutions of Huawei in Germany. His current focus area is on developing ecosystems for the Internet‐of‐Things era within the context of digitization of industries and society.

          Standardized LPWAN solutions with MIOTY™ technology
          • Private LPWANs grant end users with significant advantages MIOTY™ technology is uniquely positioned as the first and only standardized private LPWAN solution available today. This presentation examines key performance indicators of the MIOTY technology and how it fits into the Smart City context by powering robust, flexible and scalable private IoT networks.

            Prof. Schlicht is appointed as Head of Communication Systems Division at Fraunhofer IIS (Integrated Circuits). In his role he is leading the development of MIOTY™

            Success Story: Smart Metering Data Value for production and sales of Thermal Energy
            • Haderslev Fjernvarme is using the IZAR RADIO FIXED NETWORK of Diehl Metering for automated meter reading. The collected data are used to optimize the production and sales of their District Heating System. The presentation will show which value is hidden behind those meter data to save money and increase revenues. 

              About Morten Hartmann:
              About 20 years Director of Haderslev Fjernvarme
              Was Board member for 4 years of Dansk Fjernvarme
              Using Diehl Metering IZAR RADIO FIXED Network for several years in his company for improvements 

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