Future made by Diehl Metall

Future made by Diehl Metall Future made by Diehl Metall
Diehl 金属

Batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles are playing an increasingly important role in the global automotive market, as they have a decisive influence on the performance and range of electric vehicles.

With their innovative cell contact systems for these batteries, Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) is thus already an important and future-oriented development partner to the automotive industry.

The entire value-adding chain of DMA is contained in cell contact systems: from rolled semi-finished goods to stamping, electroplating, injection molding and assembly. Even tool and die manufacture as well as product and series process development come entirely from Diehl.

The daily production volume of the cell contact systems is currently well into the four-digit range – with a clear upward trend for the coming years.