Diehl Metall starts running steel synchronizer ring manufacturing in China

Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik

The restructuring of the manufacturing at the plant in Wuxi was completed with the help of the colleagues from Röthenbach. 

After more than approximately one and a half years of construction time, Diehl SynchroTec Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co. Ltd. Put the new steel synchronizer ring manufacturing into operation. In collaboration with the colleagues from Wuxi and Röthenbach the project was completed successfully. 

The preparatory work already started with the dislocation of the CNC processing machines into the new building in spring 2014. The foundation for the steel press was carried out in December and for the forge press of the brass synchronizer ring manufacturing it was carried out in February 2015. After finishing the foundations the forge press was transposed while the regular production was running. 

The manufacturing of Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik in Röthenbach has been the example for the structure and the concept. 

Besides many structural and technical improvements, thus the material flow was considerably improved and also designed in a clear way to meet the future requirements on a modern production facility in China.

We thank all our employees who have actively helped with this project.