Stanztec 2016: Convincing technical expertise

Diehl Metal Applications

From June 21-23, 2016 Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) and Sundwiger Messingwerk will present their developments at the Stanztec in Pforzheim. 

The focus of this platform is on the technology, know-how and knowledge transfer between local suppliers and customers as well as interested parties from across the world. Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) and Sundwiger Messingwerk will present their product and service portfolio from the areas of semi-finished products as well as plating and press-fit technology. 

DMA offers a broad spectrum of products and services. In stamping technology, Schempp+Decker press-fit zones – as a solderless connection technology – are in high demand, particularly in the automotive industry. To complement this, SKEDD technology, developed by Würth Elektronik ICS, will be presented as a product innovation for the first time. SKEDD is a direct contact technology for printed circuit board connections. 

In addition, DMA is an expert in state-of-the-art plating processes and has one of the largest plating facilities in Europe. At the heart of these processes is electroplating with selective and high-speed machinery that has been developed in-house. Besides the customary tin plating of press-fit zones, new lead-free surface coatings which reduce whisker formation are possible using Schempp+Decker Advanced Indium and Schempp+Decker Advanced Nickel

The strip and wire portfolio of Sundwiger Messingwerk ranges from low-alloy copper, brass and bronze to nickel silver and heat-treatable special alloys. Our semi-finished goods are long-lasting products. Furthermore, with our Diehl Metall Material Management we also ensure maximum raw material efficiency. The material concepts developed by us enable plated stamping scrap to be recycled directly by melting. This leads to considerable ecological and economic advantages for stamping companies. 

Come along and experience our product and service portfolio for yourself: Order your free fair ticket in advance and arrange an appointment with your personal contact at 

We are looking forward to your visit!  

Diehl Metall – as Corporate Division of the Diehl Group founded in 1902 (Sales: 2,905.0 m. Euro, Employees: 14,520) – strengthened its excellent position on the global markets in the last few decades. The international technologie manufacturer is headquartered in Röthenbach a d Pegnitz near Nürnberg. Diehl Metall has 15 locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA.

Diehl Metall Messing produces rods, tubes and profiles made of over 60 different alloys delivering the products above all to customers from the heating and sanitary-equipment industry as well as from the automotive, electrical engineering and electronics industries.

Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik produces drop-forged parts. As successful partner of the automotive industry the company is world-leading in the production of the synchronizer rings. The product portfolio comprises brass and steel synchronizer rings. Both are available with innovative friction layers.

Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) provides customized development, production and marketing if highly technical products across the entire supply chain: from copper-alloyed strip and wire, highly complex stamped parts, including Schempp+Decker Press-Fit Zones, highly selective surface finishing as well as the plating of 3D parts to metal-plastic compound systems.