Saving Energy – Our Contribution to Environmental Protection

Saving Energy – Our Contribution to Environmental ProtectionSaving Energy – Our Contribution to Environmental Protection
Diehl Metall

In March 2018, the energy management system of the Röthenbach location once again successfully achieved certification according to the DIN standard EN ISO 50001. Diehl Metall is proud to be able to make a contribution to climate protection in this way and strives for environmentally friendly operations in an increasing number of areas. 

The requirements necessary for companies to fulfil the pertinent standards are becoming increasingly stringent. In order to continue obtaining the relevant certifications, it is thus essential for Diehl Metall to focus on achieving energy efficiency in highly diverse areas. 

This involves making investments in energy-saving measures, such as in modern, environmentally friendly thermal insulation, heating and lighting. It also requires the acquisition of new machines or the expansion of existing facilities. In addition to such large-scale measures, it is also crucial to raise awareness among the workforce when it comes to energy use at the workplace. 

By switching off consumers that are not needed during production breaks or by switching off lights and other power consumers in the offices when leaving the room for a longer period of time, everyone can contribute to the responsible use of resources.