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The Miller Company

The Miller CompanyThe Miller Company

Your competent partner for the US market

The Miller Company distributes strip made of innovative copper alloys on behalf of Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG for the US market. Economic business activities as well as global presence are strengthened by this international cooperation.The Miller Company is a separate entity, affiliated with Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG, and provides a local presence for US customers. The proximity to market - and in particular to customers - is assured.

Your professional partner for future-oriented strip

The Miller Company further processes copper alloys, which were manufactured at Sundwiger Messingwerk in Germany, for the US market. The Miller Company serves the electronics industry and other demanding markets that require the highest quality copper-based alloy strip available. Global cooperation is achieved through continuous improvements in all areas of customer relationships.

Our Products

The Miller Company supplies strip made of innovative copper alloys for the technologies of today and the concepts of tomorrow. The material portfolio ranges from brass and bronze, low-alloyed copper and nickel silver to precipitation-hardened special alloys.Depending on customer requirements our alloys are plated according to the application and provided with customized packaging.

Raw Material Savings and Efficient Recycling

We are committed to achieving sustainability and cost-efficiency. Modern products with a long service life are generated from our semi-finished goods. With our recycling loop, we ensure maximum raw material efficiency.We develop material concepts that enable plated stamping scrap to be directly fed to a melt recycling process.The trend towards miniaturization is rendering material-saving design all the more important. We assist our customers in achieving this by using high-strength material alternatives.

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